Thursday, November 23, 2006

Shudi girrrll...

I'm sending myself off to blog camp. Since my last post, NOTHING seems to be sending messages from my brain to type away. Absolutely nothing.

I think I just might have found a tiny little peephole into the world of "contentment". Ooo...deeeeeppp.

Bah. I'm just...blank.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why not?

If we're all so unhappy about our political leaders, and we're constantly looking (sometimes even demanding) for "change" and "something new", then why the hell not?!

I don't know about you, but there's nothing more politically/sociologically-changing than this. :D

Ha. And they (our governmentS) say they've already "tried everything"...

Too bad the chances of that ever happening here in the third world is...pretty much slim-to-none. We're all prudes. We're even led by one. :P

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Posh night for a lowly twat...

I never thought I'd say this, but life is good...when and if you're important, loaded, and still have enough time to have a life. Although we'd like to pull out all our hair, knowing that there are people who have that kind of life out there...and we are just not one of them. :)

CTP, on the other hand, is one of those lucky ones. And unlike celebrities and most socialites, she's not hated by half of the world. She is actually loved.

Awww...go get your own Kleenex, I'm not sharing. *envy, then sniffle*

Her birthday bash last night was amazing, and so chi-chi that I had to recall all those etiquette lessons my mother persistently (and frustratingly) shoved on my puny little mind while I was growing up, in less than 30 seconds upon stepping out of the elevator of Ayala Life FGU Center (Cebu Business Park) to their roof deck.

Please excuse the crappy photos. We were all inebriated to the point of happily-skipping all over the place...literally. We were too drunk to care, and so was everybody else in the party. Even the waiters were suspiciously happy. Everyone was happy. CP has that effect on people. Or maybe it was just the really expensive free food and liquor? Hmm...

The Birthday Girl

"Oh look! There's a ledge!"...stupidity slowly arises
"I wonder if my phone breaks if I drop it?"
"No stupid, it won't. You think Spiderman gets vertigo?"
"I don't think so coz he likes *slurrrr* takes Cryptonite vitamins or something and Cap 'n Crunch for breakfast to like get strong 'n shit"

"Look! SM! I need sneakers, but they all *burp* suck!"
(It's actually Ayala Centre.)

"Duddddeee, you think somebody might get hit if I pee here?"
--from a dumbass who should know better.

It amazes me how our mothers could still feel proud of us all...

All in all, it was one hell of a party. And to Miss CP, I wish you only the best in life, love and wea...stop, do you even still need anything?! ;)

Hell, on my last birthday, I had two cups of my usual at Starbucks, two packs of cigarettes, a burger, a small pack of M&M's and an SMS from my driver asking me if he could extend his vacation. Asswipe.

Friday, September 22, 2006, make that newZzz....*SNORE*

On my last post, I said my access was back to crap-normal.'s a a newspaper clip that I crumpled up, and nearly-spat on before deciding to scan, and publish it here.

I wonder if any of these girls actually are on Globe...Hello, they're texting. Hmmm...or maybe they're just playing Snake?

Probably the latter.

Apparently, it's not just their internet that's fucked. It's their entire communications network. Hip hip...? HURRAY!!!


And the nerve of them calling me...and everyone else, over and over again asking for my late payment. Four fucking days overdue, you Globelines retards!

Errr...wait, I should just pay my bills. But the crappy (not to mention...rude) service is just not helping my good-client-need-to-pay-ontime mood.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Twat is back and on Gloria Jeans takeout overload...

I (finally!) now have my internet access back to crap-"normal". Not exactly hi-speed, but it's good enough for me. I'm no corporate exec who needs everything in my universe at lightning-speed, if not quicker. I'm a lowlife who just complains for cheap (since I'm too poor to get an upgrade or anything better) DSL and its crappy service. Boohoo. :-P

Besides, having crawling-speed internet does have its good points. While waiting for your page to load, you can use the waiting time for say, resting your prevent blindness. You can have short breathing improve oxygen intake. You can maybe go pee, drink a glass of water, or eat. Or whatever it is that we people who spend too much time on the internet than in the real world. Yep, that's a "we" right there.

A toast to all of us who can't afford hi-speed internet...but at least we're full, somewhat-healthy, okay-vision, and don't have UTI.

So earlier, I got a visit from two other very-unsatisfied Globelines account holders. :D BB and CC wanted to "hang" and pester me with all their internet woes. *Yakyakyakkityyak* Like I didn't have enough Globelines-issues to talk about. I even threw their free landline phone out the garage out of utter frustration. If that's not showing my love, I don't know what is. Besides, the phone was free (it comes with the line, I guess)...and crappy. If it were Bang & Olufsen, I would've hesitated (but would probably still do it).

I, on the other hand, just wanted to stuff my face with anything...err, edible. I thought I still had one of those edible soaps lying around somewhere. But apparently, I'm too much of a pig to save even that.

We carpooled (hello skyhigh gas prices, I can only wish you'd die) to Banilad Town Centre to have lunch, but parking was a bitch. It took us less than ten minutes to get to BTC, and more than half an hour to find a parking slot. At 12 noon, BTC is like this mid-sized college Quad. Half of which, are obnoxious UC-Banilad nursing students (not all of you, just...most) *teehee* running around BTC like they own the place. The other half of the BTC mid-day population are the oh-so-serious-but-rich-as-hell Class AAA (like the batteries?) mums out and about while the hubbies are working and the kids aren't wrecking their prized Lladros...just yet.

So, instead of testing how far our patience could go what with all these people screaming (seriously) all over, we just had our food to-go. We're big on take-out food. Nothing beats chomping goooood food inside the car squatting on your seat without worrying about etiquette. *chompchompchomp*

Partially-eaten Roastbeef Sandwich
I always seem to forget to take photos before raping my food.

Open Sesame!

Spaghetti Carbonara

And no, I did not touch this one before photographing. It just looks like that --already chewed up and barfed out, but it's actually pretty...okay. A little too "bland" (yo chef, what's with the bacon?!) for my taste, but "ok" nevertheless.

LOW-FAT Chocolate Cake!

I already had a sandwich and a mid-sized order of pasta...I had enough sense to "make it up" to my non-existent diet to save what's left of my nearly-Miss Piggy face. The cake is boring, but moist enough. You could see the remains of air bubbles all over...maybe because of the lack of butterfat (?), but surprisingly good.

Bah. Who cares about good old goooeey yummy fudge anyway?

I do. *sniffle*

Chocolate Macadamia Nut

This is actually CC's all-time favourite drink. And I now know why. It's so goooood, I want to hate it. It's one of those things that locks your brain from counting the calories after one fucking sip...and whine about the bloating later.

Molten Whipped Cream
This was taken less than TWO minutes after getting into the car. It's that hot out here in Cebu.

another minute later...


BB's Double-Decker Sandwich

How to massacre a sandwich:

Gotta love how men deal with fancy-schmancy sandwiches...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This just might be you...

I've been having the shittiest week ever. Ok, so not really that bad, but it was still pretty bad. How bad? I've been listening to endless streams of Asian pop...on surround sound. Not just on my iPod, to save face, so it's pretty bad.

I think I now just might know how to speak Korean, Japanese (?)...or is it Niponggo (bah)?...and Chinese --both Mandarin and Cantonese. :P I think I've even memorized a few lines in some of the songs...and sang them out loud. In public. Pfft...

Globelines is still fucked, so no photos for you all today. I do promise a shitload of photos in the upcoming weeks. And so does CC and BB. We've been bombarding the Globelines customer service people with our complaints, it's almost harrassment. Ha.

If all our efforts fail, we'll just have to take further cry in public. Bombing them would only make things worse. I already paid my access in full until the end of the fucking year, I better be getting the service I deserve...especially since paying bills is at the topmost of my list of things I'd rather hang myself than do.

I am sooo not in the right mind to write anything decent right now, and the mood's worse. I just logged in to Blogger to post this video a friend emailed.

This just might be YOUR story...

Watch it. Live it. Learn it.

As the famous Bryanboy would say, "Keep the faggotry alive!!!"...just be sure to be safe. ;)

Friday, September 15, 2006

A twat's version of "Fusion Cuisine"

By some miracle, I have internet access. :-/ Some stuck-up customer service represantative told me they won't be able to fix it until Wednesday...which only makes me wonder if they're really having "technical difficulties" or they're just too hungover until Wednesday. Ahh..Filipino service at its finest.

...or they could probably just be testing my patience.

Things that make you go, "hmmmmmm..."

Bah. No worries, at least we all got to unwind and break free from blogging. I still haven't been bit by the blogging bug though. I'm neither enslaved...or enthusiastic still about blogging. But I have discovered its "therapeutic powers". I don't know if that's just a lot of bull, or if it's actually true...(probably the former), but hey, I'm still doing it. So it must be worth at least something.

...and I still don't know whether I should be happy about that or not. Puta...all these "whether"s are making my head hurt. My I.Q. is just too low for this...*stupid twat*

My best consolation is that I get to have acceptable-excuse for taking dumbass photos with my cameraphone of anything and everything random --some interesting, and the rest are just stupid. But you'll still read them. :D

So there...

BB and I planned on having lunch earlier at Ginza. For some reason, it's been our favourite Japanese restaurant in Cebu over the years. Although, we frequent Saisaki at SM more because of their less-than-$10-eat-all-you-can, and we're broke half of the time. :D But when the wallet permits it, we turn on our snob-button, and it's Ginza-swipe-abuse-all-the-way! Ha. Seriously though, Ginza's not that expensive. Well, it's no Nobu, if that's what you're thinking. But the food is good, that's all I know. When your stomach's already churning bile and you're seconds-close to fainting, believe me, you won't give a fuck about interior and ambience either!

Unfortunately, when we got there, the place was unusually packed. Probably some Hawaiian-shirt-conference, I don't know. I could only wish I had enough sense to take photos, because it was a such a colorful sight. Probably even more so than your local exotic-bird sanctuary. I have yet to work on my paparazzi skills. Soon, soon...

So we stayed at the parking lot, called to order, and waited for our Jap-to-go inside the car...for just a little over 15 minutes. Hey, that's pretty fast for cuisine-takeout. McDonald's Drive-thru here even make me wait for almost half an hour for ONE fucking Big Mac.

I just had two orders of ebi tempura and some deep-fried tofu. That's it. Three orders of deep-fried goodness and saturated fat. Mmm...

I forgot to take photos of the tofu though...but what difference does it make anyway? You all know what tofu looks like! :P

Ebi Tempura

Some fish entree thing that's really good, and some bean sprouts.
gotta love all that foil...klassy.
Beat that, Nobu! Haha!

A twat's version of FUSION CUIZZIINNEEE...

I forgot to order their famous Ginza-rice, what with my brilliant mindset and all, so I dropped by Chowking (a local Chinese-fastfood chain) instead and ordered Yang Chow rice to go with all that glorious Japanese foooood.
Not exactly Ginzalicious *sob*, but an okay alternative nevertheless...

What, I only had enough money left for commercial Chinese after ordering all that overpriced tofu!