Friday, September 01, 2006

Discovering the wonders of disk cleanup

Around 8 o'clock last night, I decided to delete "a few" old photos and files in my computer, to make space for an upcoming project that would definitely be needing the services of my computer *groan*. Fastforward to right now, 3:14 AM on my clock, and I'm still not done. I manually scanned through all the folders in my local disk, and during the process slowly realized how much of a right-click whore I am. I have...or had sooo many saved photos from the net (all purely commercial) dating back to 2002.

Wait, does this mean I need to change my CPU as well, because it's already four years old? Awww...and I thought buying (just) a snazzy monitor would already make it a supercomputer, and I could still use it until Michael Jackson's nose falls off. Wait, that's like, next week...

192,718 KB deleted files for the photos alone. And I still have a shitload left in my disk, so I still feel kindda "dirrrty". Haha. I still have to sleep on it and think about which ones to delete forever, and the ones I think I might be able to use...say, in the next 20-30 years. With the exact same computer. :D
Gotta go get some shut-eye. I need to rest, and I plan to take off a layer of my curtains and use it to cover my computer so I wouldn't have to use it for the next few days. No wonder they said computers are bad for eyes really are burning! I'm actually typing right now with my eyes closed. Believe it.

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