Sunday, September 17, 2006

This just might be you...

I've been having the shittiest week ever. Ok, so not really that bad, but it was still pretty bad. How bad? I've been listening to endless streams of Asian pop...on surround sound. Not just on my iPod, to save face, so it's pretty bad.

I think I now just might know how to speak Korean, Japanese (?)...or is it Niponggo (bah)?...and Chinese --both Mandarin and Cantonese. :P I think I've even memorized a few lines in some of the songs...and sang them out loud. In public. Pfft...

Globelines is still fucked, so no photos for you all today. I do promise a shitload of photos in the upcoming weeks. And so does CC and BB. We've been bombarding the Globelines customer service people with our complaints, it's almost harrassment. Ha.

If all our efforts fail, we'll just have to take further cry in public. Bombing them would only make things worse. I already paid my access in full until the end of the fucking year, I better be getting the service I deserve...especially since paying bills is at the topmost of my list of things I'd rather hang myself than do.

I am sooo not in the right mind to write anything decent right now, and the mood's worse. I just logged in to Blogger to post this video a friend emailed.

This just might be YOUR story...

Watch it. Live it. Learn it.

As the famous Bryanboy would say, "Keep the faggotry alive!!!"...just be sure to be safe. ;)

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