Saturday, September 02, 2006

Third-world sneakers

Let me just say...

Whatever, and however you might feel about the Philippines, it doesn't really matter. ;)

I may not be one to go around the city (let alone the whole nation) and join protest rallies against...well, anything. And I may not be a Filipino that my country and people would be proud of --past, present, and probably the future, as well. In fact, I'm actually not a good citizen at all. I don't support the administration. I could care less about the opposition. I bitch about the system. I rant about the economy. I sass about the (modern) culture. I embrace the order of other nations, and I can never seem to run out of justifications to leave this country at least twice a year.

I am not a good Filipino...but damn it, I AM ONE.

So let me just scream to the world how ecstatic I am to have found out that two of my favorite things in the world, sneakers and the Philippine flag, have been hybridized:

The Nike Air Force One Philippines

Aren't they just purrty? :D Well, for Filipinos, dapat lang noh!

First it was Tim Yap's limited-edition wristwatch, now this. We should all be so happy Pinoys. :D

There's already too much Brazil and Jamaica in the market! After having all those OFWs scattered all over the globe, there's got to be at least ONE of you out there who's for Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc... SPEAK UP TO YOUR BOSSES YOU BROWN NOSERS!

Stand up for the third world!

We all know that hardly anybody believes in Ninoy's "The Filipinos are worth dying for..." anymore, but come on people! Nobody's asking you to die for them...just push that flag to your bosses and hopefully let them see the potential! ;) You never know, if you actually get a nod, it could be the biggest break you've ever had. It'll be life-changing for you, and for all of us. And if it doesn't really work out and call you, "stupid", well...tough luck. Not my problem. ;) The fact that you actually took my advice, could probably mean you really are. :D

Seriously, the only reason why I'm pushing this so hard is because of the fact that these Air Force One's were released on July 2006, with only 500 pairs dropped worldwide. And retailed at only $245, the chances of me actually getting my hands on a pair is slim to none. So because I am frustrated as hell after hours of searching for a pair for sale online and got nothing, I am pushing you people to do your part to make a difference. To give our country a little bit of its pride back...and to give ME back my shallow and materialistic happiness for a day, or two. ;)

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