Monday, July 31, 2006

Back and NOT binge confession

Ok, first off...I HATE MY ISP!

I don't want to explain further, because it's partly my fault as well for being such an ass to them regarding their services during this whole typhoon bafoon thing...but hey, I'm a paying customer, and you just don't talk to your patrons like that you fugly bitch of a call center representative! If only I had enough balls to actually tell on you, rather than just bitch back and rant about you on this sorry blog...


Apparently, it's the fourth "GUY" storm that has hit the country, according to the weatherman (because I was personally too busy being sick from everything else BUT the weather)
Mother Earth is having serious PMS issues...

  1. Scorching hot in The Windy City (apparently), while there's a 3-day difference between storms in the Philippines (brrrrrr, I'm telling you).
  2. Lebanon and Israel is at war (I read).
  3. Mayon Volcano is starting to spew again (I heard).
  4. Gas prices are going to go up...again for the nth time already (I EXPERIENCED). Yeah sure Philippine government people, it IS cheaper compared to the gas prices in the US. But that is NO WAY of justifying an almost $1/liter hike in the THIRD WORLD when we're used to paying A LOT less for gas! What are we supposed to do? WALK?!
  5. I have yet to pay my credit card full, at that.
  6. I don't know...maybe it really IS the "End of the World". Funny I haven't seen my friendly neighborhood crazyit'stheendoftheworldhobo in a while (we all have at least one). He really should be emailing or texting me about these updates! Damn you! After all those smokes and booze I gave you! *eevvviiilll philantrophist*

REAL reason why I didn't update...
Post-LeeDongWook update has been really hard on me. I told you I wasn't exaggerating on the "social suicide" bit. But would you guys listen? Nooooooooo...:)

I ate a shitload of everything not good for the body. Minus dugs...and booze (dammit, I should have!). Ice cream. Chocolate. Packs and packs and packs of cigarettes. Loads and loads and loads of sugar-filled cups of coffee. Butter. Pork. Fat. Oil. Lard. Grease galore. Carbfest. Whatever you may want to call it. I had them. Which ended on a very unsavory experience. Again, I don't want to elaborate...but let's just say it really caused something major for me not being able to update in what, 7-8 days?

I was able to take photos of my *ugh* "comfort eating" mode. Just a couple, but hey, at least there's something for you guys to not take inspiration from.:)


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kreepy keys

I can't sleep...the weirdest thing just happened. Ok, maybe not exactly THE weirdest, but definitely among my top 10 list of creepy things that has ever happened to me in my life. And since my life isn't as exciting as I would like to think it is, anything lame to most people is already a big deal for me. Take it from someone whose top 3 creepiest thing that has ever happened to her in her life was when a grimey, half-naked Bob Marley lookalike walked past her at the parking lot of JY Square. But give me credit, he was smoking Cartier Menthols, and winked at me. That's still pretty creepy...well, at least for me.:P

I'm not big on anything paranormal either...I really am not. I don't know, I just never really was interested, I guess. I've never really quite seen "white ladies" and dwarves as something sensational. Seriously though, my life is boring, and creepy things don't usually (almost never, even) happen to me (because ghosts love me. I'm that charming!). So spare me any snide remarks oh how lame my "kreepy keys" is. Nothing, ok? No "that's lame" or the typical "so what?"s or "you got scared of that? oooooo...", because I just happen to be very very very tired, and sweaty right now from running around the entire house. Up, down, right, left....and as lazy as I am...THAT IS NOT AN EASY FETE FOR ME TO DO. :P Oh shut up, you know you're just as lazy as I am...if not more. *wink wink* Blahblahblah. Ranting, rambling, raving...

Back to the keys...

So yeah, I was just browsing earlier through old friends' blogs, replying to some emails...etc. while waiting for the CSI:NY rerun. It's on 2AM people...on AXN. Call me if you need schedule details, I have become the official couch potato/TV junkie/goodfornothing Timeout addict of the South.

FP remembered he had to take out the trash for tomorrow's early morning (oh by the way, we're back in Negros, just incase you're wondering why we'd...I dunno..."sweeper/trashman/garbagejunkie/bottlecollector/eccentric-millionaire/celebrities-researching-for-their-new-roles-as-a-hobo/MANOY" to pick it up. He asked me for the keys to the gates...and I was all "yeah yeah sure sure...whatever. Go find it". Honestly? I was actually just annoyed mainly because of the fact I didn't want to get up from my already-comfortable position (hey, give me a took me an hour and a half to get the right one!). He reminded me I was the last person who used them in the first place, so I should be the one handing him the keys...aside from the fact that he already looked for it practically EVERYWHERE and failed...sans the ceiling and beneath the creepy stairs. Fine. I got up. Now I was the one going mad...Here, there, everywhere...nada. I basically just wanted to give it up and wanted to procrastinate (once again, as always) 'til tomorrow morning (which I won't be up for unitl noon)...but NOOOOO...CP (for some TWISTED REASON--that boy was posessed earlier) wanted to do "the right thing"...ooooo....CP=responsible. OOOOOOOOOOOO.... I still can't decide which one was creepier...keys or THAT. Hmmm....

So anyways, we found the spare keys to the gate, and I asked him to check his car if the keys were there. Coz they JUST MIGHT be...and hand of god smite me once and twice...there they were. F#$%@!!!!!! How can they be INSIDE THE CAR??!! In the first place, we all wouldn't have been able to GET INSIDE THE HOUSE if WE DIDN'T HAVE THE KEYS. And all of a sudden it's IN THE CAR?!! But alas...I shall end this rampage...not to mention sounding sooo "poetic". Pffft...

Seriously, I only have less than 20 minutes before CSI:NY starts, and I'd wanna have my seat...and "THE position", get my toosh comfy enough (and help me get my ass even bigger than usual), and wait for that annoyingly-way-too-loud AXN intro.

Besides, the moral of today's story kids:
Don't try to understand everything in this life/world/universe we're in...or you'll end up more cuckoo than ME.;)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lee Dong Wook video on Wowowee

I woke up (half-awake, that is. I still am, actually) this's already 1:23PM, disgruntled and drowning in mixed emotions. Happy, excited, pissed off, giddy, and yet seriously ticked. Whatever. I just woke up (muta, pillow marks on my face and all...) and guess what greeted me in my Inbox. Fuckers --the ones who sent me this clip.:) *secretly whispers "thankyouiloveyouall" *
Apparently, only 6 hours after my YouTube marathon last night, someone posted this.:) Enjoy watching "Luningning". And DO watch closely the "Tshirt scene" I was talking about last night.:)
As of 1:29PM, it already has 3,419 views, 17 total comments, and has been marked as their favorite 75 times. *guffaw* Again, good luck CC on beating the competition. May the Gods be with you... Afterall, you have Rosie (our youngest househelp) as competition, and she is tough, I'm telling you! Hardiharhar...
Owner of said video is quite loyal to YouTube and has disabled embedding.:) So if you guys want to watch it, click here. has finally come. On the issue of Lee Dong Wook, I say...


...for good.:)

Last and hopefully FINAL take on Lee Dong Wook

For the love of God....WHY???!!!!!
Why him, and why ME?!

Yes, I watched friggin' Wowowee...Why?
Because I have gone mad! Mad, I tell you! MADDD!!!!!
Me crrrraazzy (period).
I was abducted by aliens, and they placed a different brain on mi head.
I was posessed and had an exorcism that went wrong.
And yet, the only real reason that could justify this insanity is that I let my hormones get the best of me. And damn am I doing "penance for my sins" now *pffft*. :P

And for you guys who have been judging me on my really is quite a long and boring story. I won't elaborate on it much, but it's mainly because of the factthat I've never had a crush on ANYBODY before. Much less an ACTOR! Or anyone on TVLand, for that matter. And it somewhat infuriates me that I fell for a character on TV...and slowly developed into a ridiculous obsession on the actor himself.

The show (Wowowee) was ok. I've actually seen it before, once or twice. Not sure. I truly appreciate the show's cause though...helping out poor people, giving them hope, and their highly publicized 1Million-Peso "jackpot" in cash (roughly around US$19,000+), house and lots, etc...whatever. (Of course, the entire show gets a lot of money too for whatever "good cause" it is that they're doing. I can only imagine how much the advertisers are paying them at a premium) I watched it earlier coz of LDW. *groan* It was the first time I actually WATCHED the show. You know what I'm saying?

LDW came out like after the third or fourth commercial break. My inner slut would say "the wait was all worth it"...:) Wait, I really DO want to say that. perhaps I really AM a slut. Hahaheehee. Kidding. *wink wink*

Funny thing is, I had more fun watching the number they did with LDW rather than drooling over LDW himself (which was what I intended to do in the first place). It was hilarious! There were these two girls --I think they're the hosts of the show--, and they were singing (lipsynching, may I just add) the songs from "My Girl". Fine, whatever. But right after their number, the male host called on to the stage LDW's interpreter. Asked LDW typical questions like "do you have a girlfriend". Answer: "NO" (go go go CC!!). Yaddiyaddiyaddahhh. Poor boy even forced himself to say, "mahal ko kayo" ("I love you all"), and "salamat" ("thank you"). And throughout the whole scene, you could see how uncomfortable he was, I swear. Especially the dancing bit.:)


All of a sudden, the host called up this Lolita-looking dancer/girl (sequined outfit...shortyshorts and all)...and boy oh boy was she working it for LDW. Legs spreading in all directions.:) She took soooooo fucking long dancing only to find out her real purpose was just to give him a garland of friggin' flowers. Christ...

--by the way, her name is "LUNINGNING". *teehee* Can't get any more "Pinoy" and more "showbiz"Y than that! :)

Oh! And my favorite part was when they forcefully handed LDW this really tacky shirt from one of their sponsors (I presume). For crying out loud people, when is Philippine showbusiness ever going to change??? It's 2006, and why oh why are we still stuck in stereotypical "Filipino fashion" of camp, tacky, and tasteless?? Why? That's why we're not moving forward people!!! *fuming*...and yet...*GUFFFFAAWWWW!!!* It was hilarious! Poor LDW was so confused on what to do. Hell, I give him credit for his politeness.:) His patience, as well. And the boy has loads of it! I was quite surprised on how shy he actually is. Must've been hard. See, this is why I would never go into showbiz --apart from the fact that I have no talent, and nobody would ever even think of signing me.:)

All in all, it wasn't much of a waste of time. Regardless of how much I just sassed and bitched bout the show, I truly did enjoy it.:) Oh, and one of their hosts, Marielle Rodriguez (not sure how to spell her name)? I think she's really pretty --which kindda bothers me, since LDW didn't even seem to look impressed. So why the hell would I bother exerting effort on calling my dad and ask if there's a possibility I could go "watch" him?!? (Oops! Busted! Oh well, as long as I didn't actually DO it.) I mean come on, that girl is gorgeous and he didn't even notice her...much less ME! *insecurity alert* Bah...whatever. Is she (MR)famous? Tell me! God, I need to work on my current events. But then again, I never really was into showbiz...much less Pinoy showbiz.:) No offense to all you fans out there. I admire your dedicatio, I really do. And that is one thing that I don't think I could ever have. I'm too damn lazy and good for nothing.:D But still, I think I just might give this whole entertainment information a second chance. Damn, I never expected a harmless (or so I thought...prior to this whole spectacle!) TV show could be so life-changing! Haha!

Ok, this whole LDW thing is too much for me to function properly already. (as if I can even without his existence...)
I need to stop. And I think I just might already have...
And it had to take me 4...5...6...maybe even 7 hours of surfing and viewing all of the videos onLee Dong Wook on YouTube ...Yep, all 299 of them...and it's not even funny.

Fortunately enough, I got sick and tired of looking at his face. And I would LIKE to say that I am cured from this...this...disease. I don't know what else to call it. I still like the guy though...but not as ridiculously as yesterday...and earlier today...ok, BEFORE looking him up on YouTube. Oh well, it's all good. At least I've come up with a pseudo-conclusion that I like "Julian" (the character) better, than Lee Dong Wook himself. He's a nice guy and all, and THAT, I really HAVE decided on. I noticed how extremely good-natured, shy and humble the guy is. But I like him better with Lee Da-Hae --the girl who plays "Jasmine". It really was just all about their chemistry together...and how light-hearted that show is. And that it makes me feel better, and makes me forget my own worries. Afterall, that's the whole point of TV right there, isn't it?

There...that's it. I just hope this is the last of my LDW posts. I truly do! Oh God I'd do anything just to let this insanity come to pass.

*talk to myself* "Tomorrow's another will wake up and find yourself SOMEWHAT 'normal' once again"

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tsk tsk tsk

Before you guys say anything...YES, I WATCHED THE DAMN SHOW.

And NO, I refuse to talk about it. Nothing serious really as to why I won't...but if you must's really because my computer's audio is totally busted, and I can't comment on everything that I've been working on all day since that friggin' show.

I honestly believe I just might have gone officially nuts...:)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Shameful lusting on LDW

I didn't post anything last night. I was too sick of myself to face anybody. I even turned my back on my (now you know) boyfriend, "Tivo", not the real Tivo. Just an ordinary TV named as one.

Last night...

I, Twilly the Twat, for the first time in my whole entire life, shrieked (and a REALLY shrill one, I might add) because of a scene on TV. Again, because of fucking Lee Dong Wook. And it gets worse...the maids told me that Lee Wong Doo's coming to the Philippines (or probably already here by now), and is going to guest on some local noontime show TOMORROW.


That'll be the icing on my cake of social suicide. I really don't know why I'm being such a bitch on this subject...I just can't accept it. I don't know why. And it's not even about what you guys or the rest of the world might think of me. Believe me, that's the last thing on my mind since that post (and to think the word has already spread like wildfire since then). It's what I think, and how I feel, and WHY and WHAT made me into this whole new cheesy person. Long story. Boring story.

Oh great...I thought I was safe watching the news. Fucking a...Lee Dong Wook's already in the Philippines.


So, inorder to forget my thoughts on this and everything else...

Me go take out my new Havaianas and wear them to the football field to hang with FP. I just remembered I have them when someone who read my "Peacock Havaianas" post texted me earlier today...

And since you all know how bad I feel right now, please let me brag...;) Yes, yes, I am shallow. Thank you.

Now if y'all could excuse me, I'm now going to get some shut-eye. I wanna be awake for that friggin' noontime show tomorrow. Oh god...

Oh CC, you are soooo right...I'm such a charlatan!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Just finished watching CSI: (Jim Brass got shot!! *huhuhuhu* But I guess the rest of the world already knows that by now) and was about to watch CSI:Miami, but it's a rerun, soooo...y'know.:P

I slept around 4 or 5AM this morning, and woke up at around 3PM this afternoon.:) I have sleeping issues I've been trying to deal with for the past...oh...8 years or so, so back off.

Watched a bit of TV, I needed some catching up to do with my shows. My TV has been screaming for attention since I arrived. We're close. Very close. I even named him "Tivo" (waaaaayyy before the invention of the real Tivo, mind you), and he's my boyfriend. He loves me, I love him. I can't live without him, and vice versa. We have fights, especially when his dingbat of a remote won't work --even with new batteries!. But aren't all relationships like that? Fire...metaphorical fire (heaven forbid it be actual fire!), is important to keep the relationship alive, right? I heard it on Oprah, so it must be true! *chortle*
I've already been offered plasma TVs here and there (from my parents, of course. Like anybody else would bother!), but I never bothered to say "yes". What can I say, I'm loyal to my man...;) *snort* I need professional help...or better yet, a REAL boyfriend. :) You don't exactly become attached to random inanimate objects just like that when you don't have a loose screw...or two.;)

So aside from crazy talk...

After watching Tyra (I mainly watch because the lesbian deep down--WAAAAYYY down--in me has the hots for her. Not really because of the show itself), I called up FP if he was free and have our usual coffee talk a little early because I want to wake up earlier than usual tomorrow morning.:) Besides, I wanted to watch CSI: back-to-back on actual primetime, and not the replays at 2AM like I usually do. :)

We had our usuals at Starbucks SM. I love that place. But only on weeknights, since it's never crowded at the al fresco area. And if it is, it's usually just Korean students hanging out. So we can bitch and rant freely.:) No, not about the Koreans. Ok, maybe a little bit. But only the bossy ones. And rarely does that happen...thank God. I don't want any trouble with any of them, especially since my word vomit on Lee Dong Wook. Sheeshh...I can't wait for the day I can live that down.

We stayed at Starbucks for about 2 hours talking bout our trip to Negros with Uy. He's the security guard who's usually on the night shift. He's great. Apparently, he's not allowed to fraternize with the customers and used to be an ass, but I bugged him into talking to us bout a year ago. And we've been good friends since then.:) Hey, it has its perks. He always reserves a table and an ashtray for us when it's a busy night, and he always comes in handy when I (rarely) or FP (ALWAYS) leave the lighter in the car.:) Told 'ya I'm special. ;) Bwahaha.

Here's a photo of UY.

He's in his mid 3o's.

He's married with 2 kids.

Apparently, he's somewhat related to some big Chinese tycoon who owns a local dept. store. (he said so, I'm not making this up!)

He's very approachable and friendly, but never cross him or smoke INSIDE the Starbucks store...or else.

He has a vertical scar on his right cheek.

He smokes Menthols --and if what they say about the whole impotence issue when smoking menthols is true, I wonder why he hast TWO kids.;)

He likes long walks by the beach.

...and he's a major CAMWHORE.

Interested parties may reach him at Starbucks SM City, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Thank you all for viewing his profile.

*Twilly is now officially crazy*

Now I bid you adieu, for I shall go and watch Spongebob Squarepants and get "smart lessons" from Patrick Starfish.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Renewing my passport for the very first time...

Ok, so my passport expired April 2006. Ditz that I am, I only noticed that when I got back from my Negros trip. Yes, I am quite responsible, thank you thank you. Sigh...and you know what else? The only reason why I got to notice that the damn thing already expired was when I was told I'd be leaving to an undisclosed destination by July 31. Sheeshh...that's what. less than 2 weeks from now? They didn't even consider whether or not my schedule was free by then! Hahaha. As if I HAVE a schedule! Feeling ohsoimportant. I'm such a slacker, I should be grateful I'm getting a free trip. I'm such an ingrate. Tsk! *shame shame shame*
So anyway, to prove that I really HAVE "grown up"...a bit, I went out to renew my passport today. ON MY OWN. Immediately a day after checking my passport and finding out it was expired. And first thing in the morning at that! :) *proud and somewhat smug smile stamped all over my face*
I was surprised on how SUPER EASY it was! (fine, I'm a retard!) The ENTIRE process took about...I dunno, less than an hour. And that already includes an almost-neverending cross-examination from the travel agency people. "wow, are you travelling alone?" (pretty normal)..."where to? oh my god i love that place! but I've never been there before!!!". Uhh...ok. They were all very nice. And I know they meant well, but seriously, I could not understand why they were asking me all those things. Some were waaaayyy too personal (i.e. family matters), some quite uhm...stupid. But mostly just small talk, really. It doesn't really matter, most important thing is I was able to get out of there politely as soon as my impatience struck (once again).:)
So yeah, I just presented my old passport, filled out a form, got my picture taken, waited 10 minutes for the photos, paid my dues, signed everything else left unsigned, and done! And note, I didn't even go to my mother's usual travel agency. I just went to some random travel place, and did it. Of course, they are quite reputable (always important thing to consider since you'll be leaving a very important document of yours with them!). I decided against going to my family's "usual place" because I really didn't like most of their new employees...except maybe the guard who opens/closes the door for the clients.
Oh oh!! One more thing, I was soooooo lucky I wore a collared shirt today. I saw this one guy who also had his passport photo taken, and he had to "borrow" one of those shirts provided at the "studio". I didn't even know they had that! There were like tacky feather boas, weird-looking stuffed animals, and icky/ugly/hellNO-looking plaid polo shirts --complete with lint and dandruff flakes. *shudder*
Alas, I am a grown up now! Renew own passport...CHECK! One down, 800 thousand more to go! Haha.

Oh come on, give me credit and let me enjoy my shallow glory!:)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Back and STILL bored!

Ahhh...back in Cebu. I now love old Negros. The trip wasn't exactly "fantabulous", but then again, everything is subjective and relative, right? For some people, Negros is THE place to be...but for some who are like me who need smog, city lights, and the sound of honking traffic during rush hour on weekdays to feel "alive" (although, I believe we are a minority in this oh-so-hectic world of ours), it's borderline "so so". BUT (and it's a big one), in my little "retreat" (if you may), I have discovered sooo much about myself that I never expected. I was surprised on how quickly I fell inlove with the stillness of everything, the serenity of nature...the cheap commodities (oops)...uh, I think I better stop.
But more importantly, this trip has made me decide that all the trips I've taken before --every single place I've ever been to in the world, will no longer count in my "Book of Destinations". It's a chance for me to start anew, to see the world in a different, and more matured light. More attention to detail, and savoring more the travel experience, compared to my usual idon'tcare phase of yore--since I used to see travelling as a chore, rather than a pleasurable experience (because my parents dragged me practically everywhere before!). God, I was such a brat! Wait...I still am, really, but much much better compared to then.:) Oh my, I really AM getting old!!! Tsk!
But seriously, the people have inspired me in a way I didn't expect. Well, most of them, at least. I admire how they take things in stride, how content they are (and THAT is anything but easy in this material world!) with what little they have, and how much they love their homeland. I found out no matter where they end up in the world --and I'm talking bigtime fabulous places all over the US and Europe here--, they always go back to Negros (and build a small farm for their retirement). It's a love affair the rest of us probably don't/can't/won't understand, but for them, nothing could be more perfect. *tear drops from left eye...* Damn, Negros has made me into a softie...Grrr
Oh well, it's all good...afterall, I got great photos *hahaha shallowallow!* No matter how much of a jaded urbanite you are, don't you lie to yourself and say you won't well up in tears when you see these photos...:P I didn't *liar liar*
On the way home...
Here's a tear-jerker for y'all...ain't it purrrty? It's a different view of Cebu
from Negros, of courseI love this fishing boat...
This is the most popular way to get to Negros to Cebu...mainly because it's the cheapest. :)

What better way to say our goodbyes to Negros but with a rainbow?;) --ugh, I really have turned soft...
...for now. ;)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A short trip to Bais City

Ok, that's it. It's official. I have fallen inlove with Bais City. And I am most definitely coming back...soon, I hope. I HAVE to! I still haven't gone dolphin watching (their main tourist attraction), and I still haven't stayed overnight at the famous Sandbar. And I WILL!!!! I WILL!!!

I'll keep this post short since I still need to pack all my things. I'm going home!!!

On the way to Bais City, we passed by the Central de Azucarera Bais. Here's a shot of the beeeeaaauuutiful treelined "canopy" (I'd like to call it) road that will forever haunt me in my dreams until the day I get married and demand an exact recreation of this shot on my backyard from my hubby-to-be...*hardihar I'm such a TWAT!*

Choo Choo!!! Make way for the Queen of the Twats!

FP and I dropped by the gas station to fuel up, and walked to the nearest super to buy smokes and bottled water. Both of which, were right across the Bais Public Market. It was a Sunday, and apparently, it's like the biggest day of the week for uh..."market people"(?).

So anyway, we went to market (I would've never thought I could ever say that line..but, just to check things out. And we saw all these bigass baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables (sorry, I wouldn't go to the fish/meat section regardless of how much you offer to pay me, thank you). And there were all sorts of people carrying them on their backs, their heads, their shoulders. And I'm talking REALLY BIGass baskets. God knows how much each they weighed! And the people carrying them weren't exactly just men. There were women too. Young and old. It was like a fruit/veggie carnival! Fun fun fun.

I bought a plasic bag each of mangoes, pineapples, and avocadoes all for $3!

FP practically had an orgasm when he saw all the fresh oysters (I stayed as far away as possible) and found out how much a SACK of oysters costs. It was a little under $10. FP, being the cheapskate that he is, just had to haggle that old lady into selling it to him for roughly $6 --our Chinese forefathers must be oh sooo proud of him. Hahaha. Now I've never had oysters, FP can live on oysters for an entire week and he wouldn't complain...seriously.

So while he was haggling, I was smoking bout 3 meters away from him (and whatever it was that he stepped on)...and saw this little charmer. I don't know if it's a stray dog or whatever...but he/she really made me smile :) (and I hardly do, so it IS a big deal). He/she/it sat when immediately when I said, "sit!". Haha. Coincidence or not, this baby deserves a space on my blog.


Ahhh...again, don't you just luuuuvvv the third world?;)


My shoutouts to CC and BB... Two words: GOOD LUCK! Hahahaha

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Motorcycle dragracing hell in Tanjay City

Ugh! If there's one thing I hate more than those way-too-rude-and-loud motorcycles (you know the types that are being slowly banned everywhere else in this country?), it's a whole group of rowdy riders screaming out to the rest of us common folk that woohoo they can ride their babies (more like beasts, if you ask me) just like that, and we can't. Showoffs. (sshhhh...don't tell anyone, but I really am quite jealous *hihihi*)

We got to Tanjay around 9PM, way too tired for words, and were at a family friend's old building. *freeloading alert once again :)* We were like, this is nice, staying at a "nice, quiet city like Tanjay"...NOT. The place we were staying at was situated right when you enter the "city proper"--along the National Highway. And of all the time we could come visit, we just had to arrive a night before their big annual motorcycle dragracing thing. about luck!

We slept around 4 freakin' AM coz there were all these groups and groups of people outside (on National Highway!!!) screaming their lungs out while the rest of the "riders" were practicing and beating their time, I guess...I don't know. Whatever it was they were doing, they sure as hell weren't singing me a lullaby to sleep!!! For crying out loud, the last thing these people knew how to do was think of the rest of the city trying their best to sleep at such an ungodly hour. Surprisingly enough, nobody complained. Hell, even I didn't. I was wayy too scared. And I'm trying to make up for my loss of balls then by raging about it now.;) *scaredy cat*

So as if things weren't bad enough, the owner of the building woke us up at like 6AM informing us that the organizers for the "race" *pfft...whatever* were closing the (again) National Highway. (--sigh, fine, these people probably own the city) And our car was still parked along the road--the only place one could ever park, may I just add! They were implying it was OUR fault why we were still parked there. Hey, nobody told us, ok? And closing an entire quarter mile of the NATIONAL HIGHWAY and detouring all of the vehicles to some other road just so you guys could hold your whatever doesn't really happen everyday and everywhere else, so give us a break! we moved the car. Afterall, it was a legit event. It was even organized by the local city government and shit...can't argue with that. The last thing I need is some politician breathing down my spine for my "disobedience and contempt" *pffffttt*. Fine. Whatever. Kill me if you can. I could care less. My life's already fucked up as it is, and those guys weren't exactly making me feel any better.


(I could just write some fib that I was part of the race, but no thank you..) ;)

After moving the car like an entire kilometer up north, we WALKED all the way back to the place we were staying (I knew we should've just gone to a hotel...nah, I'm too cheap for that) to shower, brush our teeth, eat, etc... We ended up getting stuck inside the WHOLE DAY coz well, they closed the freakin road until sundown.

Surprisingly enough, we had fun watching the event from our view...

We had soooooooo much fun when one the guys hosting the event (whom we later found out to be one of the city councilors --woohoo! you go baby!) was SCREAMING NON-STOP from AM to PM!!! It was hilarious!! Apparently, there was a fistfight, a dog crossing the road in the middle of the ruckuss, and all these magpies screaming their tails off to the riders of their choice. He was raging mad...and I mean beyond boiling point!:) You could literally see his temples throbbing and the nerves on his neck tightening latex-like. Hehe. Poor boy (he's quite young, actually) was a mess! He was getting so frustrated coz all the riders would get a "badstart" and were concentrating more so on NOT sidesweeping those damn people, rather than focus on the race itself. Hahaha. The crowd wouldn't listen to a word that he said and insisted they weren't stepping on the line. But note: they were ATOP the piles of tires on the roadside...y'know, to cushion the motorcycles incase they fall, or whatever. You're smart enough not to read my nasty explanations when it comes to anything technical.:) All I do know is after years and years of going to all types of events, I've never seen a more insolent, disobedient, inconsiderate, hot-tempered, and (still) hilarious crowd than THIS !!:)

Lookie look how loooonnnnggg that line of people is! And every single one of them was giving hell to the the organizers, riders, and the rest of their crew...Hahaha.

And in the end, even though this whole brouhaha and I started on the wrong foot...I actually ended up having a lot of fun. But it never would've happened if not for my now-beloved RC --the screaming young city councilor who was really the ONLY source of MY entertainment during that whole fucked-up day. Because of him, I even agreed to FP's crazy idea of climbing up the roof of that old building to watch everything that was going on. I took my lazy ass up that rusty old roof, took pictures, enjoyed the view, climbed back down, and screamed to heaven high when I saw the redlead on my brand new overpriced shorts. :) I scrubbed my legs for half an hour or so, and finally ended my woes with a nice cup of coffee, ciggies, with FP and I laughing coz the rain had poured down and all those dumbass people downstairs were running towards every direction possible like a cattle of mad cow. Pushing, shoving, and RC screaming at the background still...:)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Websites and blogs that make me oh so happy!!

I've just been surfing the net and came across this photo of guess who (coz that's all the blogs and other sites this photo was featured on said)?? The newest face of L'Oreal...Eva Longoria.

courtesy of: X17online

Oh God I knew all those celebrities looked wayyy too good to be true! I'm just glad there are sites that actually show reality when you need a huge dose of it...especially at a time wherein you have two huge zits that you know you shouldn't pop...but just did.:)

Now something I just might print out and superglue to my fridge...everyone does it, I'm not sure if it works, but hey, it's worth at least a try...;) Never mind the sagging Star Jones-without-a-wonderbra breasts, and the chimpunk cheeks...what's that thing on her neck below her jaw? Hahaha...

I won't diss the apparel choice. It's better than being that fat and wearing a glittery tube top. And at least she wore a cap to cover half of her face, which is more than I could say for her more-awful companion. But wait, nobody cares bout her...

Mummy was right...twinkies are bad for you. Hahaha.

Janet Jackson
courtesy of: The Superficial

Jessica Simpson and Pinkcourtesy of: Zombiewood

Ain't life just glorious? Boohoo glamour...Let the zombies rule the I may feel good bout how I look.

When all else fails...deny deny deny!

I've been getting a lot of smack from everyone coz of my previous post. I knew it was going to cause something. I just wasn't sure then what, but I knew it would. And it DID. Sigh...I should just stay here for another week or so. I actually have come to really like this place. I could never LIVE here permanently, but hey, it's a great escape from my usual blah lifestyle. And a hell of a lot cheaper than going anywhere else! Haha. I can't believe I have become this cheap.:) Free lodging, and the food is ohmygod dirtcheap! All the fresh fruit and vegetables you could eat. Just yesterday, we bought pineapples for $0.29 each!!! And they were sooooo good. Sweet, cheap and since it's rich in fiber, it's good for my "diet". It's a TRIfect! As a result, I had anohsogoodandeasy poop. Haha. What? Like YOU don't poop??!:) We all gotta love poop...but that's a whole different post. ;)

Anyways, I would like to take this time to thank FP for all the love, care, acceptance and support he's given me throughout this whole Lee Dong Wook *sigh* issue... you truly are the best. Thank you for still acknowledging my existence in this world, and in your life. And that regardless of how badly I treat you, you're always still there for me. When I get married, I don't care what the rulebook says, YOU're going to be my "MAN of honor". And I'll be your "best GIRL". As dumb as that may sound, we will make it happen brah!!
--will be updating a brand-new post on Tanjay City later or probably tomorrow. I'm having trouble with my photo uploads. I have yet to figure this whole online uploading thing out. I'm sooo slow when it comes to anything techie. Sigh...:(

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lee Dong Wook

Caution: Writer is extremely agitated and is having a serious case of verbal diarrhea... the following text content may cause extreme confusion and repulsion. Thank you.

Lee Dong Wook

Somebody PLEASE KILL ME NOW!!! I swear to God if any of my family or friends knew about this, I'd just dieeeee of embarrassment!!! It's soo stupid and pathetic, it's not even funny! I have come to the conclusion, that I, Twilly the Twat, am officially confused...more so than usual. After 4 years in seclusion, one would think that's more than enough time already to "figure oneself out". And honestly? I really thought I already had it going...I thought weeeeee, I finally know who I really am, what I'm made of, where I come from, and goodbye and a hell lot of good riddance to self-analyzing and bitter confusion. No more more lies...and no more controlling myself from what I really...and BAM! I crash into a truckload of horseshit. Fuck.

I think about a month ago, while waiting for FP to get ready for our night out, I was hanging out with the maids at their lanai. I used to do that a lot, coz it's the only place in their house where I could smoke. Plus I genuinely like hanging out with the household help, always have. I was practically raised by our own household staff while I was growing up. But enought bout that... So yeah, I was hanging out with them while they were watching TV. It was a Monday. They were all excited bout this new Korean show called, "My Girl", which was airing their first episode that night. Whatever, right? WRONG! Coz I said the EXACT SAME THING. I totally forgot that I shouldn't be watching first episodes ANYTHING. I have this annoying thing about first episodes. Because I get hooked instantly--regardless if I like the fucking movie/show or not. It doesn't matter if it's a hit show or not, I just can't help myself but watch the second episode...then the third...until it gets out of control and I actually have the freakin' show TAPED! Ughh!!! And now "MY GIRL"??!!! Dubbed in Tagalog, at that!!! So anyway, I've always been in denial bout that...not until 10 minutes ago, when FP was caught by surprise that I was throwing another one of my famous tantrums. He asked me why, and I directly answered him --"I can't believe it's over! That was barely half an hour including commercial breaks!!!". Oh. My. God. Word vomit. He had no idea I've been hooked on that show...all this time, people think I just go to the bathroom for half an hour at 9:30PM sharp. Now I'm busted. And I hate it. And why oh why all this insanity? To be honest, it's not just about my issues with first episodes. It's also about the fucker who's on male lead. Lee Dong Wook *dreamy*...sigh....oh stop it Twilly!!!! Uggghh!!!! I just canNOT believe it! I don't. I swear I don't. The guy is skinny, and scrawny and I'd be damned if I turn my head if I spot him in person at some random public place (heaven forbid it to be anywhere private! *stomp on my on foot* stupid stupid stupid!!)!!! But oh my God I loooovvveee ♥ him! And OMG I can't believe I actually AM. Ohhhh fuck. I've become one of those people...I swear, I don't know how it happened. This is soooo unlikely of me, but damn I'm gaga over the guy. I don't get it. I just don't. He seems like he's sooo full of it. And I do realize that it's just a character, but dammit I've been hit...hard.

After years and years of making fun of people who go crazy over Korean dramas, or ANY KIND OF soap for that matter, here I am clearing my 9:30PM schedule (from Mondays to Thursdays!) just to watch the guy and fall inlove even with the way he swerves his steering wheel. And by that, I mean literally swerve the wheel of his silver Range Rover. No dirty ideas. But nevertheless, how pathetic is that??! Oh God, what have I become?! I am sooo sorry for all the people I've made fun of. I am sooo sorry for ruining your lives, your hopes, your dreams of marrying your "idols". I am sooo sorry for tearing those pesky photographic-printed cardboards you used to carry all the time in your wallets back in Grade school. I'm SORRY people!

(except for my former classmates who wanted to get married to that mummy-looking villain on Samurai X...I hope you've already seeked professional help, because I still think you're waaayy more cuckoo than I can ever be...) *meanie*

Sigh...and yet, after all this hormonal rampage I've been on...I still can't stand soaps. I still don't find the point in making time for non-stop crying, overbattered, overabused Lolita-looking female leads and overbearing guys "rescuing" them from their troubled past and helping them to avenge their father's death, new money and power, and all. Hmm...maybe I already am, and I still don't know it. But I DO know I still don't have the patience to wait day after day just to know what's going to happen to these characters' fates...except for "My Girl" (ugh). I guess life really is "to each his own".

Now if you'll excuse me, I shall now go and crawl under a rock and die before somebody I know reads this and calls me. Calls, I can avoid, but those nasty SMS are going to be painfully annoying --coz sooner or later, I will have to turn on my phone. :(

If any of you knows Lee Dong Wook personally, I swear to God I'll pay you to be your personal slave for a just a day, really. 12 hours. =) And I hope you accept credit cards, coz I'm too broke for comfort right now...much less fantasy. (sure, let dear ol' Daddy pay for my stupidity) But damn, that boy is sooooo worth learning Korean for. Which, by the way, just incase somebody does reply to this pathetic plead of mine...I also need a Korean tutor. *guffaw*
Photo was taken from Thank you guys for letting me steal your photos of Mr. Lee/Dong/Wook --whichever his last name is. I'm too dumb to know any better. I'm still trying to get over the fact that I Googled the guy's name in the first place. Oh die die die.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Never thought i could like...

More photos of Negros...will update as soon as I forget about being lazy, and ignore the beautiful weather--there's a storm brooding over the islands (which is why we're still stuck here). For now, I just want to share my day's photos and crawl into my lovely bed (which I just might steal and bring back to Cebu. On how, I have yet to figure that one out...but I will!!). It's sooo nice and lumpy, I love it! Hey, give me a break...afterall, we're staying at one of my dad's resthouses, so I'm not really stealing...ok maybe I am.:( Sigh...fine, I'll leave it alone.

To the left....

And to the right...

The Nuns...lovely, isn't it?

Then I went around their boat and saw HERI don't know bout you, but I think she looks pretty....uhm...scary. Maybe that's why she's at the back?? Hmm...not quite sure, but it's not hard to believe, isn't it?;)

See, when I said that The Boulevard's a pretty "relaxing" place...I wasn't kidding. I have this guy to prove me right!! *guffaw* Not quite what I had in mind...this guy just took it to a whole different level! Haha.

And note: he's not homeless!!!:)
Saw this quaint little church at Sibulan, Negros. A small town right after Dumaguete City

Only in Negros have I learned to appreciate the whole "old world" charms of this world --that everyone seems to be loving...and now I'm loving it! ;)'s raining again. I love the rain...*dreamy*. Now all I need is a big big mug of hot cocoa and a pack of cigs, and I'm off to temporary Heaven...tsk. I know I should quit smoking, but smokers, you know exactly how I feel, right? Defend my little shallow cause for happiness here!! :)

A view of Cebu...

Bah. Enough drama. Now off to...wherever!

Monday, July 10, 2006

More photos of Dumaguete City

Edit: More photos have been added since Blogger Beta.

Jollibee goes oldschoooool

Lee Plaza: Yeah, it looks crappy but it can be a toy collector's heaven. Tons of MAJOR vintage toys like Bedaman, Voltes V, etc.

Silliman University'

Katipunan Hall --it says so right there, so I'm pretty sure. ;)

I've been trying to edit my "Negros" post and upload more photos of our Dumaguete "tour" --which, by the way, lasted for about half an hour of driving around the city.:) But I guess you can't do that (edit the photos after it's already been posted)...or I'm just too lazy to try harder. OR, I'm just plain stupid.:) I swear I tried, but I could only edit the text, spacing, etc. but not the photos. So here, I decided to make another post of all the photos of Dumaguete that doesn't have me in it *teehee*. Me shyyyyy...;)

This is the Silliman University's...I don't know, Heritage Hall? Millenium Hall? Or some Museum-y sounding name. I don't care, I think it's pretty...:)

took a "The Boulevard"

(ok, so maybe not all the photos because I just realized I took way too many pictures of the Boulevard alone. Tsk. After all my uploading, they all looked the same --even I got confused!, so I just deleted most of them and left these. Hehe.)

Craving for some Chinese, we ended up here...

Apparently, this is the only Chinese restaurant in Dumaguete--or so we were told (aside from Chowking of course, but hey, we can have 24 hr crappy Chowking delivery anytime, anywhere in this no thanks)

It was pretty ok. We stayed at their Al Fresco area. At first, there were a couple of flies at our table, but eventually the wind picked up from the bay area (since it's right across the Boulevard), and it was "bye2x flies!!". It was relatively good. The food was great and ohhhh sooo CHEAP! Around $11, and we were stuffed like little (?) piglets!! And we are such big eaters, we're a little below the level of wild boar.

The service was "ok". Would you believe, the waiter was white! With grey eyes! His English was bad, but hey, what the hell..:) He's probably 'half". There's a lot of them in Dumaguete. A lot of European and American Expats. And a wholllleeee lottttt of hot pink/bright orange/lime green combo-wearing hookers.;) And guess what? I think Chin Loong's one of their favorite spots.;) Hihihi.

This is a BAR. A bar? Sigh. I don't want to be mean, coz the owner's probably a nice person, so I'll just shut up.:) We didn't bother to go inside. Would you?:)

Peacock Havaianas!!

I woke up to a lovely surprise today.:) Actually, the real reason as to why I woke up coz the TV was on and FP was watching Freddie vs. Jason/Jason vs. Freddie (not sure of the title) and I got pissed coz I watched a bit, and couldn't go back to sleep anymore. Grrr! Still, it is a beeeeaaaauuutttiful mawnin!!! Oh wait, it's already lunchtime. Bah. Who cares. Anyway, I called up the house to ask if anybody called for me, new mail, if the dogs were ok...blah blah. The maid told me I got a package. Hohum...So so. I asked her where it came from, and she said the LBC pack didn't have a return add. Oooo...that caught my attention. I asked her to open the box and there it was...My Peacock Havaianas!!! Hey, it had my name on the package, dammit! I don't care who sent it, all I know is I love you I love you whoever you are! Maybe dear ol' DaddyO? Who else would give me discreetly cheesy surprises? :) Haha. I'm not much into Havaianas --well, at least not anymore. Everybody's collecting nowadays, it's pointless to compete. I prefer having a one-of-a-kind collection, thank you very much. Braggitybrag!!!:) --I'm actually just jealous of all those drool-worthy Havaianas in other people's collections, that I'm bitter and hiding behind my I'm-not-impressed mask.:) I'm such a hypocrite!

Anyway, I stole a photo off the net of the Havaianas. This is just a preview courtesy of oh God I forgot where I stole this photo from!! (I'll post photo credits later) I'll post the photo of MY PEACOCKs *giggle I said "peacocks"* (retard) when I get back to Cebu. Still enjoying my "vacation" for the moment.;)

Sigh...Dad? If you're going to throw one of your "secret admirer" gift-giving --which is sooo old, already, by the way. You can always just call and tell me you sent something!:) And why the Peacock? Why not just the Limited Edition OSCARS???? *wink wink* ---eviiiill only daughter alert! (bitch bitch bitch) I'm kidding! Dad, if for some reason you're actually reading this....I love you...;)

Aren't they purrrrty? I'm sooo jealous.

Photo credits: Girl, you have no idea how jealous I am of you!!!!:) Haha. If you get tired of them (which, I doubt you would...:) Do resell them to me!!!! For a pair like that, I'd gladly swallow my pride and fuck ego...I'll take 2nd-hand than no-havs at all! Haha!

By the way people, she also owns the Peacock photo I stole above. The girl is probably like the Havainas Queen of the Philippines, I d'nno...sure seems like it! Haha. More Havs to the collection babe!

Off to Negros!!!

Last week, while having my usual non-fat vanilla iced latte at Starbucks with FP, I kept on ranting nonstop about how tired and drained I felt with Cebu. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Cebu. It's home. I'm not originally from here, but hey, I always seem to come back no matter what hellhole my parents throw me to. I once snuck out of a stupid all-girl boarding school in Australia just to come home...despite the great awareness that my Mum would kill me if she found out...and she almost did. But then again, I'm her only daughter, so she didn't really push through with it, obviously.:)

Hey, when life throws you lemons, make Vodka Lemon Drops for crying out loud!

So back to getting tired of Cebu...I love it, but I also have this thing about never being happy wherever I stay long enough. First 2 weeks is ok. Once I get settled in, that's when it usually hits. Sigh, I'm so pathetic. Oh God why am I depressed?!! I shouldn't be, right? I'm young, I have all the necessary body parts-not all functioning as they should, but hey- still working! I have no life-threatening disease, no serious traumas, no serious anything!

Life is glorious, I should be milking my youth for all its worth! So anyway, after probably more than an hour of ranting, FP got sick of hearing my endless whining and just told me to shut up, pack my bags, and leave. Ok, initial reaction: shocked. Was I really that bad? A to the Q: YES! And so I stopped and realized he was right...I should just take a break. God knows I needed it. And so did everyone else around me *teehee*!!

So we left Starbucks, went home, packed our bags, lounged around a bit to talk and decide where to go (at 12MN!!! --we're freaks). So we decided we'd go to Negros since it was close enough to Cebu, and we could bring the car so we wouldn't have to deal with PUVs (a serious must for cure-to-depression-trips)...aside from the fact that we were strapping for cash and at least my dad has a house there, so no more worries with regards to lodging. We're getting to be such great freeloaders. Ahhh...what lack of money can do to you.;)

At 3AM, we were getting ready to leave...but Spongebob was on. Retards that we are, we watched 2 episodes --bags on hand, smoked a couple of cigs, and left. I won't bore you with the details bout the roadtrip. Besides, I was asleep throughout the trip *snicker*. Poor FP had nobody to talk to! And to think the trip was because of me! Hey, don't judge me, he owes me! Even a long drive all the way to Brazil from Cebu won't cover it! *hmph*

I woke up at the port/dock/whatever, paid for everything, went back to the car and waited to board. I was actually quite ok, loving the view of the island across until I saw the ramp we were going to use to get into the barge. It was NOT a pretty all. In a sort-of-evil way, I kindda felt relieved we weren't using my car. *bitch bitch bitch* Poor FP had to listen to his car squeem! But it's ok, he's a big spoiled brat, and he knows it. His mom's going to have his car buffed up again as soon as he asks her...AGAIN. Sigh. FP's cute, and I love him. But sometimes I can't help but think he's way more of a spoiled bratty GIRL than I am! --no, he's not gay--

Buh-bye Cebu!! (notice how "bald" Cebu is?? Tsk!)

Clouds connecting Cebu and Negros

A glimpse of Negros behind the clouds...

Ahoy Negros!!!

Arrived in Dumaguete City...belching from all the junkfood and "healthy" cold sandwiches that we brought along for the trip. But then...

Hmmm...what's that sign?



We didn't really come here for the pizza. *snicker* But we couldn't resist the view, so we ordered the cheapest pizza on the menu. Well, not really the cheapest, but still pretty cheap --less than $5 for a good-for-2 pizza.:) Don't you just love the Philippines?;)

*shhh..we really are just cheap, period.*

This is actually a house...

Dammmmnnnn... The thing that shocked me the most about this place --that I just had to force FP make a U-turn so I could take a photo-- was that I never thought I could find such...excess in Negros! I mean, yeah...I understand the world has become an entirely materialistic place, but I didn't expect a showcase of it in Negros! I don't mean that in a mean way, people. I don't discriminate people/places/whatevers (well, at least not all the time *teehee bitch alert*) I am merely stating that after a couple of hours in Dumaguete and already getting used to the "simplicity" of everything, BAM! We saw this. And guess what, that's just their "front lawn"!