Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Puma RS 100 LE

I've been lethargic all day since I woke up this morning, but super bright happy footwear always put a smile on my face for some reason. Ahh...maybe that's why everyone's been raving about color therapy. Things that make you go, hmmm... :)

I still feel crappy, so less talk, more pictionary. ;)

This style was first introduced in 1986 as a PUMA top of the line technical running product which featured R-System cushioning for ultimate motion control, reflective underlays, and a high quality leather and metal mesh upper execution. The LE version features unique color blocking, the original PUMA tongue tag and two different sets of shoelaces.

photo credits: crazyball, ThePumaNinja, and JoeyDee

I still don't know what it is with me and loud shoes. I can wear like all bland white or black from head to...ankle, and inject it with super loud footwear. Haha.

A disappointing "bang"...

I know I said I'd be back with a bang...but oh well, I always disappoint. Always. So instead, I have *ugh* these...
On showbizzz...

Wall Street Journal reports that Paramount Pictures has recently just ended their 14-year relationship with Tom Cruise's production company. Why? How the hell should I know? I'm a nobody, and every being in this universe (aliens, included) knows him.

I'll pick out two outfits, one which is disgusting and one nice and I'll ask my
'friend' what they think. If they go for the revolting one, I cut them out of my
life. --Paris Hilton
Wow. Is life really that simple?

On the other side of the gene pool...

Nicky Hilton has previewed her Nicky O South Beach Hotel, complete with candy-pink cardboard proposals to the investors. You would think she could afford to actually hire some high school dropout to at least whip up a PowerPoint presentation. But no, she's special. And she's smart. And she's got skills. And she want to prove to the world that she's more than just...that (or simply normal).
Sigh...lesser evil, I guess.

US Weekly reports Britney Spears blatantly insulted Jessica Simpson after politely saying, "HELL NO!" when JS asked if she could kiss BS' bump.
Ahh...having a net-worth of a gazillion dollars really doesn't insure you class and finesse, does it? ;) All the Vuitton in the world won't make her look any less of the trailertrash she's (apparently) always been.

I lurve showbiz. ;) There's always something nasty to expect. ;) It helps make the world go round, the world go round, lalalala.

On Philippine economy...

Last Friday, there was a rollback on gas prices. 1-peso rollback on all fuel products. Great, does that mean we can now all forget the 8-peso price increase since January this year? I don't even want to talk anymore...Forget bragging about your car. We might as well just start bragging we can actually afford gas, period!

On Philippine politics...

You've read the paper, you've heard the news (over, and over again)...it still sucks. 'nuff said.

On updating blog posts...

I just want to enjoy my night and forget I lost the chargers to my phone and my camera. Not to mention that thing you plug in to your USB port to upload photos. But then again, the reason I even posted anything tonight was to forget that little detail.


Nevertheless, I have more things to be happy about. At least I still have a cameraphone. And I have an unlimited supply of Yakult, soy milk and caramel puffs.

Here's Cebu for you all...

I really don't know about this last photo. Because I can. And I'm woozy...and unhappy.

Same old, same old...

Friday, August 25, 2006


I'll be offline until Wednesday, next week. Hopefully sooner...

But as BoomBoom said, I'll be back with a BANG baby! ;)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"National Holiday"?

Before anything else, spare me any kind of nasty political blahs regarding this post. I'm bored...and pissed. Not a very good combination. Those two words can only result to one thing for sure: incessant rambling

Sometimes I never cease to amaze myself on how much of a dumbass I really am. I finally decided to get out of my own hellhole of a "house" yesterday, fully expecting to have a "good day". But ahhh...our little molerat-faced president has apparently declared it a National Holiday. Great. Just my luck...

I have no interest in politics in general, and I'm not siding with anybody in particular in our fucked up third world-system. All I know is, my mother is a taxpayer, I have a green passport, and since they said this is a "free country", I will sass and bitch when I want about whomever I want to...and right now, it's holymoleygloria. No reason in particular. I just don't like her. Simple. Besides, it doesn't take for me to be oh-so-caring-for-the-masses, or smart enough to understand the constitution to see that this country is not Jollibee-happy. And if the people aren't happy, they do bad things. Say, like, forget common decency, and in turn, affects me directly. Yes, it's all about meeeee....;) Hahaha.

For someone who doesn't work and go to school, I hate holidays. Traffic's always bad. Everyone's out. Everyone's enjoying. Everyone's happy...but me. Yes, I am a selfish twat! ;) Me, me, me, me...

So why is it a "National Holiday" again? Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary.

His famous line? "The Filipinos are worth dying for".

After having said that, he got assasinated. Coincidence, or conspiracy? Oooh...

I don't get that though...if Marcos was smart enough to have conned an entire nation to be under his rule for like, 20 years...how could he have made such a stupid decision and buried all that work by killing your sworn enemy? Nobody's that stupid. Hell, I can't even con the school security guard back in grade school into letting me sneak out of school, and everybody knew how much I hated him...but I was smart enough even then to know not to kill him. Because I would get blamed for it.


Year 2006: Are Filipinos still worth dying for?

Things that make you go, "hmmm..."

And all that rambling was caused by one disappointing trip to the local Starbucks *tee hee* due to unbearable traffic...both human and vehicular.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Needs vs. needs...huh??

Remember my spoiledmaterialbitchfit on those Paul Smiths that I wanted? Apparently, the Mini Cooper's the only one sold out. The Triumph still has ONE item left. And just to add to my incredible predicament...I saw this on sale.

Paul Smith Mini Car Toiletry Case marked down from $115 to $90 --around PhP 4,600.

The drop isn't exactly massive, but hey, a discount is a discount. ;) And to be honest, as broke as I am, I'm still willing to shell out even three times the original price for this piece. Why, because I'm an idiot.

That's the thing though...after the Mini Cooper messenger got sold out, then they feature this? Unfortunately, even without the matching bag, I still want this...badly. To the point of categorizing it as a necessity, rather than branding it as "a reward" for all the stress I've been getting lately. And I don't even work! One can only imagine how far my mental deterioration will go when and if I actually find something productive to do with my life. Haha.

In short, I NEED THIS...and everything else that has jumped from my list of "wants" to my now-so-long list of priorities.

Amazing how easily we can decide on the most ridiculously shallow things...but ahh, we are afterall, only human. ;)

So now the dilemma is, which ones to eliminate to make space on my horrid list of priorities?

Ahh...cross out:

  • "NEW FRIDGE"? --there's always that big old Coleman trunk of an outdoor cooler.
  • what about "NEW MICROWAVE"? --I'll make do with my rusty old oven toaster. Afterall, I mainly just use it for popcorn.
  • and "REAL STOVE"? --my portable camping burner will do just fine for another year, or so...besides, I can't cook even if my life depended on it.

These are only three examples on my list. They're not so important, right? Well, they are under the "needs" box...but I already said that about the Paul Smith pouch. If I remember right, I even told CP that it's so important, it's more important than water...and enumerated all the things I could use it for. Half of which, I didn't even believe. And every single excuse, spontaneously made-up.

Come to think of it, if I eliminate all three items listed above, I could only afford two items in exchange --a pouch, and a pair of shoes that I also put under "PRIORITY A".

So it's: a new fridge, microwave, and stove vs. a pouch, and a pair of sneakers...

Sigh...decisions, decisions.

Wait, I think I could actually pull this off. I'll buy the pouch, and the sneakers, then just steal a fridge, a microwave oven, and a gas stove from my mother's house. Haha.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Nothing to do, nowhere to go...

Not unless some Filipino-Chinese millionaire sets his mind on building some new talk-of-the-town, I refuse to go out.

I refuse to talk.

And I refuse to blog.

I seriously need to get with the program, and get myself a life other than driving around Cebu looking for a decent happyhoo, end up at some generic cafe only to find myself sass and bitch about random passersby...the innocent, and the totally deserving.

Oh yes, people do that. I do that. And you know you probably do too.

Somebody please give me a reason to get OUT...NOW!

...and of course, be back after a month, max. I just need to see Cebu in a fresher light.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Excited. Scared. Happy. Twat.

I was having lunch earlier, and the rest of the household was watching a local game show, "Game Ka Na Ba?".

One of their trivia questions was:
What's the most sexually-active race/nation in the world?

Answer: SOUTH KOREANS/South Korea
First thought: Lee Dong-Wook

Fucking a...not again!!

That was 12 hours ago, and I still can't get it off my mind. And I still don't know whether or not I should be giddy knowing my fucked up obsession with Lee Dong-Wook is coming back...or already has. Probably the latter.
Gawd...and I've worked so hard!!! I haven't watched "My Girl" in weeks. I was doing soooo well already! Fuck local television. Never again, never again.

Second issue: I don't know whether or not I should be happy knowing he's apparently a horny goat. Well, he does come from a statistically-horny breed, so most probably...he is. Or I should be terrified since I've been so fucking frigid since God-knows-when.
So let's all sing...

Wong-Dook! The horny goat...the horniest goat you'll see...lalalalala

No, I just can't be scared. I should be grateful he's horny, shouldn't I? Hell, I should be clawing up the walls, I'm so happy (and crazy)! Damn, my hormones really are all over the place!

Half of Asia's already going gaga over the guy, I'm not going to be more retarded than I already am and not feel happy about that little factoid.

all photos from collage are from K-pop forums. What, it was for "research" purposes! (don't you dare snicker...)

Lusting for Hermes...sneakers!

Yeah, yeah, everyone loves Hermes. Whoopdidoo...
Every woman should have either a Birkin, or a Kelly --preferably both (hooray for the tai tais!)...or at least a scarf (if unblessed with a kickass trustfund or a generous and tolerating husband) or a twilly *ahem...see? I am special! boink*! ;)
I would cut out my tongue and give up smoking for...a week ;) if the one who said that was a MAN. Only a woman would dare justify Hermes as essential to life as air and water. *grin*
I, personally, can live without any of the mentioned above. But lord would I kill --without remorse, for a pair of these babies...

Hermes White Leather "Loop" Boots $520

Hermes White Leather "Kick" Sneakers $552

photo credits: bluefly.com

They both retail for about US$600+...but well, it's Bluefly.

Roughly converted to PhP 30,000+. Damn, I need to make some money...fast!

I have a penchant for sneakers...because I waddle like a pregnant trannie when in heels. And like a dinosaur on PMS in 4-inch stilettos. Besides, my youth serum is drying up fast...I need to exploit it as much as I can before I wake up one morning realizing I'm already 30, and it's no longer cute. I'll have plenty of time to learn how to look human in heels by then.

These babies are just purrrfect. The white, the H-orange, the punched leather...as CC would say, ahlaveit!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Merrelly merrelly merrelly...nougat shoes!

I don't know what came over me yesterday. I went to my mother's house to stay for the weekend...because I didn't have shit in my own fridge, and I seriously needed food, clean sheets, fresh laundry and all the other basic comforts that one almost never gets once they start living on their own. Haha.

I ate, I read, watched a little television, and basically chillaxed the entire day...oh, and the deepest sleep I've had in a couple of years.
I woke up yesterday morning with this strange urge to...organize (?!). And I actually did. It's one thing to feel the need, it's totally a different story when I actually DO something about it. I'm quite famous for being a bum. ;)

But whatever...the important thing is I got to do something I've never done before. To work... all on my own *beams with pride like a 6-year old who just tied her first shoelace*. Haha. Seriously, no help whatsoever, no maids, nada. I think I was posessed or something. Haha.

I'm not really done yet, but give me a break, I have a lot of crap in my backroom. After years of hoarding (and never using), I've amassed a seriously dysfunctional collection of bric-a-bric. But hey, I found a few nifty things as well. Most, quite embarrassing to post. Ahihi.

I found a pair of slip-on sneakers that I don't ever recall buying. Maybe back in my heyday of swiping abuse? Probably. Especially since they're two sizes larger than mine. :P

But what surprised me the most was how ooooooooohhhhsooooocomfortable they are to wear. Seriously, it was like walking on...nougat! Wait, nougat?? Bahh...whatever. Rich, soft, velvettyyy...It was wonderful! Not exactly the prettiest shoes in the world...or my own shoerack, for that matter, but I could care less. It was looovvveely. ;) I've heard of this brand, Merrell, before. But I wasn't very familiar with the brand. Now, all I could even think of is buying a truckload of Merrell.

I went to Gloria Jeans Coffee at Banilad Town Centre for some coffee to go, wearing these babies. (shoutout to Miss LPE!! Lookie mi shoes!!) Because the moment I slipped them on, I couldn't take them off...eventhough they were slipping from my foot everytime I took a step because they were too big for me. Haha.

I was the new Bozo...sans the big red bow on my neck. Balding head, kinky blue hair, big red nose and ear-to-ear smile, I already have. :P

As the day progressed, I got less and less excited and motivated. Especially after seeing all the mess I've made around mid-afternoon. I'm such a dork. I initially intended to organize, and not the other way around. Tsk!

Oh well, I better hit the sack so I can finish my dirty deeds (literally) early tomorrow morning. Because I don't want people in this household to find out I'm actually worthless once they find my backroom in total disarray. Wait, they already know that. Well, I just want to surprise them, and be praised later on, and milk the new-found attention for all its worth. ;)

Yaya!! Bacon...thank you!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Twat in designer rainboots?

3:27AM, and I'm still wide awake...I've been rolling, twisting, turning (hell, I might as well have been ballroom dancing!) around in bed since 11PM earlier (technically, last night), and nothing worked. All my dogs were already fast asleep, and I kept on shoving them so they'd wake up...so I wouldn't feel jealous. Yes, I am mean. But it was like they were taunting me!!

There I was, trying seriously hard to doze off--even to the point of counting imaginary sheep (seriously), and they SNORE within barely two minutes after climbing up in MY bed? Ok, just one dog snores. The prettiest of the lot. If she were human, she'd be disappointing men from all over. Pretty to look at, lovely to hold, hell to sleep (literally, of course) with. ;)

So I've been losing sleep for the last three days already because of the silliest things. But ahh...I forget, I am a twat. ;)

You all know it's rainy season here. Within a month, two major storms struck, killing a handful of people, and destroying millions worth of properties, and agriculture. But the worst thing that happened, was one of my favorite pairs of shoes got molested by a nasty nasty puddle of goo.

Which in turn, have made me decide that I need some serious rain gear people...

Burberry Rainboots in Classic Check, $145 and Novacheck, $130

I'd go for the Classic, between these two checks. The Novacheck looks...wrong, for some reason. Maybe because there's a gagillion counterfeit Burberry out there. You could easily find something exactly like this at the nightmarket in Jordan, Hong Kong for definitely less than USD130!! Haha.

Burberry Tall Rain Boot $165

Now these, I like. They're simple, and unpretentious, and in short...hypocritical and scared to show their true narcissism. ;)But, I'm actually considering these loud wellies. I'm predicting a dreary disposition for the rest of the year, so I would probably need major doses of attention.

And these would be enough to get those confused stares *complete with perfectly-"O" mouths, for full effect* from traditional Chinese businessmen, raised eyebrows from their matronly wives, snickers from their junkie offsprings at Waterfront Lahug anytime. And these are the perfect "Look at me! Look at me!" footwear on those sad days...

*it's ok, I guess. Those Korean and Japanese tourists would understand me*

Emilio Pucci Rainboots

For $150...PhP 7,700, it's not bad. It's already cheap...er, compared to most things nowadays. Besides, they're Pucci. Mums always love Pucci. When my mother sees that name on my credit card bills, it'll all be justified in her eyes. Of course, I wouldn't want to show her how ridiculous the purchased item really is. ;)

And even if I have to pay for it on my own, I still would. The expected gawks and stares would be priceless! Haha. DING DING DING DING!!!! ATTENTION-WHORE ALERT!

There. Now all I have to do is tend to my real problems...

Wait, the search for the right pair of rainboots is a serious issue! Imagine life without them! Everybody's been under the rain...except maybe serious pluviophobics, but that's besides the point.

Point of the matter is: if you don't have proper rain gear, you end up well...wet. And once wet, it'll take you a longer time to dry. Your body temperature goes all berserk, and then follows your entire system. And then you get sick. And once you get sick, you then die. Oh yeah, I only talked about rainBOOTS earlier...

STILL, they're important. If you don't have proper rainboots, you step into a puddle. You think, "f$@!*%!!!!...*sigh* Oh well, it's just water". But how sure are you it was "just water"? Nooo...You never know what's the in that puddle. The water seeps into your shoes, to your socks, eventually absorbed by your skin. Millions of bacteria lurking (that Lysol ad really did it for me)...creeping into your dermis...to your bloodstream. They start breeding inside you, and you get sick...a week after, you wake up with only your crotch left. They've already eaten up all of your limbs from the inside!!! You faint at the site of your own blood, so you couldn't call for help. Even if you do, you can't run (hello, no legs and arms to even crawl with) All too late...and then you die. See? It is serious!

Government Warning: This post is a clear representation of what might happen to you, should you choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle. You will soon end up in an asylum, and eventual death.

Personal advice: Don't blog when temporarily insane from lack of sleep.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Puma Pelé Brasil

"I was born for soccer, just as Beethoven was born for music."
-Edson Arantes do Nascimento
more famously known as Pelé

A veteran of four World Cups, scorer of a whopping 1,283 first-class goals -- 12 of them in the World Cup final tournaments. Pelé is the only player in the world to have played in four World Cups and brought home the trophy three times. He is the legend and this was his off-the-field shoe...and now, I went them.

Hoping that if I wear them, I'd be like Li'l BowWow in that crap movie (a few years ago) of his with the Michael Jordan sneakers and he magically gets Jordan's skills after wearing them. I didn't bother to watch the movie. I saw the preview on Star Movies, and they pretty much told the whole story. The message was clear: "This is a crap movie. Don't bother.".

I never really cared much about video and audio piracy before, but damn...when Pelé did that commercial against piracy, I am now an advocate. I admit to have bought a few pirated videos before. And hell, of course I download illegally. What's the point of paying a monthly premium on high-speed internet? YOU KNOW YOU DO TOO! Haha. But I really am seriously considering going legit. Fucking commercials...why couldn't they have taken someone less credible to advocate against piracy like George W. Bush? I never imagined I'd say this, but I wish it was Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan or someone as equally unbelievable and ludicrous, so I wouldn't have to feel guilty everytime I download episodes I've missed on CSI:. :(

Nevermind that he's old, and not exactly someone with a face you'd like your kids to inherit, but that man is a genius.

He played football to a samba beat. Beautiful skills, astonishing speed and ball control - and of all those great players in those yellow and green shirts (don't forget those 70's shortyshorts!), Pelé was the greatest of them all. Ronaldo was shit compared to him. And with that said, I shall stop before sounding like a complete fanatic. Which I am, but won't admit to. Because I, Twilly the Twat, am a hypocrite and full of bull. ;)

Now, don't be mislead. I'm not good at football...at all. Come to think of it, I'm not good at any sport for that matter. Not even friggin' pingpong. :P Although that Forrest Gump movie sure made an impact on me then...and no matter how much I rewind again and again listening to the "just watch the ball..." scene, I never quite improved. Haha.

Alas, I am useless, and only good at citing things that I want want want and not actually do something about it. :)

Enough talk!!!

Puma Pelé Brasil Athletic Shoe

These particular ones retail for $64.95 (PhP 3,000+) at Nordstrom.com (tax exlusive). There other shades (of mainly green and yellow --which is disappointing, but unsurprising) and designs availabe under Pelé's name for Puma that ranges from basically $60-$90 (PhP 3,000-5,000) --tax exclusive, of course. But Blogger hates me, and I'm having issues with their photo uploading process.

I'm buying...when given the chance to find one in person. Risky buying shoes online. I have weird feet. I need to fit them first. Besides, I like S.A.s kneeling infront of me to fit my shoes. Haha. *eviilllll*

Support Pelé. Support a millionaire, and a multi-million-dollar company like Puma as well to make even more millions out of us. Because we are weak creatures, and we cave in to all their shit. Buy now! Do it. Damn this retail business...damn you!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

FACT: Lysol kills germs...and then some

Have you guys seen the new Lysol commercial?
(The following transcript is not accurate...but close enough. C'mon, I don't go around memorizing commercial lines! I have a life, excuse me. I have better things to do with my time, thank you very much. Like count my hair, and run around the dining room in my underwear screaming, "bacon! bacon!"--ok, forget I just said that.)

FACT: Your cutting board has more bacteria than your toilet seat!
(assorted fruits on top of a toilet seat)
FACT: Your baby's high-chair has more bacteria than your floor!
(a used vaccum bag --dirt, and all atop a baby's highchair-tray)
Lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria!!!

woman sprays Lysol all over the baby's food tray...
baby eats food with a toothless smile (for full effect)
bottle of Lysol concentrate...
a pail of water, and a mophead...
woman (in heels) mops the floor
Ahhh...the power of advertising.
This is why OCD has been all the rage for the past five years.
Hypochondria is the new black.
Pharmaceuticals are getting richer...shrinks are getting richer...while the rest of us gets thousands and thousands poorer by the session. ;)
"majoring in psychology to help others", my ass...99.9% of these psych students know there's too many cuckkoooooos in this world to decrease the demand for shrinks for the next billion years. Yours truly, included. *wink wink*
So does this mean we should all buy Lysol forver, every 13 minutes? Does this mean my 9-bottle stock is not enough for just tomorrow?
Does this mean I should start having my edibles cut atop the toilet seat now, and eat them on the floor? This is serious! It'll be much more sanitary...Lysol said so!!!
Ok, that's just plain stupid. Of course I won't do that. I'll soak all my things in Lysol instead, and then use them. So just incase I don't get to update this blog tomorrow, it probably means I've already died from chronic intoxication due to Lysol overdose. Suddenly, ptomaine poisoning doesn't sound so bad now, does it?
And if ever that really does happen...sue Lysol's ass for a gagillion dollars, get me a pretty casket, and get Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan to serve cookies at the wake...and later on, let them entertain my guests by playing "Battle of the Brains". Be sure to tape it, and FedEx them to me in heaven...If you do that, I'll put in a good word for you with St. Peter. ;) We tight, man... ;)

Paul Smith messenger bags

I seriously want these two. I don't know why, but I just want them...badly. I've always loved Paul Smith. His designs just make me smile...and I rarely do. So major brownie points for just that.

Paul Smith Mini Cooper MessengerPaul Smith Triumph Messenger
I love "the look". It's sooo...alive(?). Kindda reminds me of pop art. Although I don't exactly consider myself a hardcore, surround-my-self-with-color FAN of the genre, it really makes me cheery deep deep down.

And being the insufferable (even I get annoyed with all the shit I lug around on a daily basis) packrat that I am, it really serves me well on the function department. I read the dimensions, and it can even fit a helmet! And so ridiculously cheap--at $450 each, it's impossible for me not to throw my much-needed-to-be-saved money on a couple.
Ok, it's not cheap.
Damn, now I feel guilty.
Wait, I shouldn't...I need a treat. I deserve a treat.
Surrreeee...keep telling youself that, you twat!

But alas, being the loser that I am, I missed out again on the sale. They were only available on eluxury.com, and they're all sold-out. Fuck. Now I have to go probe friggin' eBay with crossed fingers hoping to find one for grabs. I hate searching. It's too tedious for a bludger like me...wait, I have to change that. My laziness has caused me way too much discomfort already. Hello, that's reason why I wasn't able to buy the damn bags in the first place...*groan* Remember the Paul Smith sneakers? :-(

You'd know you're a materialistic hag, when you lose sleep over a pair of fucking sneakers...and now, bags.

Edit: The Trimph one is actually still available, but I don't want just one. I want them both. Together. (spoiled, unreasonable bitch)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Philippine Idol...ayayay!

I just finished speedviewing all the parts of the Visayas Audtions for Philippine Idol. Haha. It was hilarious!

A friend thought I might find it funny...*snort* I did. But it made me more confused, rather than amused. ;)

What were these people thinking??!!
Tsk...the road to much-coveted stardom really IS hard. :) Especially noting that thousands of people line up for these audtions even when they just know they barely have skills, much less talent. But what's worse, is when they actually believe they do have talent...and they're the only ones who can see it. No kidding.
Man the lines were longgg. All kinds of people, from all walks of life, from all over. There were normal-looking people, but mostly weirdos, trannies, junkie-looking, hoochie-esque (haha), etc. Some even good-looking...
But I must say, there were a couple of "okay"s. There was a bald guy from Tanjay. Haha. I didn't know that place packed talent. A certified (?) doctor/medical something even auditioned. Why he was auditioning, I have no idea. I'm going to go around town later and check every hospital looking for this Dr. Libres guy and ask him why. Haha.
Man, television...wonderful medium. The effect can go anywhere from wonderful to just plain insane. And whew...reality TV is phenomenal. All these little quirks and "surprises". Bottom line is: EVERYBODY JUST WANTS TO BE FUCKING FAMOUS!!! :) Nothing wrong with that. We all want to be special. ;)
All in all, "the show" was fun. But it also brought back unpleasant "extra" memories... :)
I remember going to Starbucks SM sometime last year to "just chill", thinking it'd be empty, since it was around noon on a weekday...only to find out they were holding audtions for some local talent search reality show, "Star"-something. Then there was Pinoy Big Brother.
Watching PI, I saw a lot of familiar faces --by that, I mean the same people who ruined my oh-so-rare days of relaxation then at Starbucks...on both times. PBB and Star-something. I even saw the exact same faces who rudely slipped my bag off on to the fucking floor to get the extra chair by my table so she could sit!!! Whoever you are, if you're reading this (if I'm lucky enough), you seriously need to work on your manners girl...where were you even raised??
It's not like I wasn't sitting there, in her face. And my bag wasn't exactly some tiny thing she couldn't see. Hell, I know don't own the place, but damn even a monkey would know how to politely say, "excuse me, may I..."!!!
At least I was a paying customer, which is more than I could say for her and her group of supahstahsss. She didn't get into PI. *snicker* (evil) I just hope she's no longer being such a bitch of a Diva...knowing she hasn't done a damn thing in the business.
I swear...people nowadays...tsk tsk tsk!
2006, and the media still on a roll to villify the rich (in general) for "maltreating" the oh-so-poor (unless some whale donates a hefty sum to their "org for a cause")? Woe is you.
Respect begets respect people. You all know that. It's not about who's who, or who's got more money. It's about respecting each other (BOTH parties). But unfortunately, and I seriously can't help myself but say this: nowadays, it's actually those who are barely-earning who starts the trouble.
Enough said. That's a whole different post...
I actually avoided SM for an entire month after that, for fear of another monster audition. I had my driver get my coffee to go. Everybody loves him now. When I went back, the nicest Starbucks manager in the world, Jen Ting (I miss you, come back!), had already resigned, and there were new faces to scrutinize and demand the "right mix" from. Boohoo...nobody likes me. Nobody cares. :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Major guilt trip on a supposedly nice day...

How the hell am I supposed to find happiness in shallowness when I live in this G-damned country?! HOW people, how??

I was actually looking forward to a day of peace and quiet...and yes, a bit of luxury at Shangri-la Mactan earlier. CP and I wanted to check out this new Italian place called Acqua. Finally, something that doesn't sound too predictable.

Left the house and waved to my favorite security guard...Orly.

So far, I've only heard reviews from family and friends --they all went to the opening. Damn snobs didn't even invite me. Surprise, surprise. Haha. I guess it was a trailertrash-free soiree. No wait, I actually heard there were more "unnecessary" (yes, that's what they said!) folks present than well, important. Loads of serious posers and douchebags. Again, surprise, surprise. Tsk...

Shhh...don't tell anybody, they might think I'm actually not a nice person afterall... ;)

But anyway, they were all mainly raving about the interiors, not much on the food. Which is actually a good thing, because I no longer trust 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-hand raving on cuisine, especially within Metro Cebu where there seems to be a great abundance of posers wherever I go lately. Don't get me wrong, the last time I actually took cuisine suggestions, I nearly passed out of hunger. Because I got to the (another Italian) restaurant late, already starved to death (which was why I decided to eat out)...ordered the suggested entree, only to find out it was smeared in blue cheese. It had some fancy schmancy name in Italian. And well, since I'm not that pretentious to claim I know Italian, and I understand every single fucking order on the menu, I ended up just looking at it, and ordered something else. A good ol' reliable kickass plate of meatball spaghetti. Not even a fancier pasta. Just straight noodles with tomato and meat sauce. Great, another 20 minutes of waiting. My bread basket have been empty 2 minutes after taking a seat. Made an additional order of sausages and cake, and gellato. And that was it.

Knock knock! Back to the issue you twat!!!

Damn...I'm supposed to write about Acqua. Well, obviously, we didn't go to the opening, and we didn't go today. Before the supposed trip to Mactan, we dropped by SM first to get some paper. Yeah, paper. You remember paper? Primitive version of computers, PDAs, and cellphones? :) And yes, my life is sooo exciting, I could just die.

CP wanted to have his car tires checked at Nap-M Hi-Tec --gotta love this place, I wasn't able to take photos of the shop itself, due to a barely-working digital camera, but will chuck the old one, buy a new one, take photos, and post them here soon.

I just have this...

And this...

I seriously hesitated on taking this photo. That little girl kept on staring at me all the time I was there. I couldn't make a move. I didn't want to offend her or anything like that, and just when CP started the engine and go on our way, I took it. I just had to. It was so perfect. The kiss, the timing, the position of my usually-dysfunctional camera...everything.

I couldn't help but feel guilty all of a sudden. Nothing seemed important anymore.

I really don't want to start on how fucked up this country's system is. From the administration, to taxes, to education, public welfare, and HEALTHCARE! It's too pitiful, it's actually sic.

I'm not at all worried if the government starts banging (no, they don't know how to knock...seriously) on my front door, they don't have the guts anyway. Well...guts, maybe. Resources to find out who's bitching about them? Doubt it. That's how third-world we are! Haha. I just don't want to start on the issue, because I just might not be able to stop. And I just might run for President. And that is the LAST thing I'd ever want to be. Sure, I'd love to see this country grow and help the masses, yadiyadiyadah...but I'm already too corrupted for that. ;) I'm afraid I just might make things worse.

Besides, I don't care much for politics. I just don't want to feel guilty everytime I get one of those (extremely) rare chances of actually having a good day!

We ended up eating Jollibee inside the car at the parking lot of Makro...CP's treat.

This is CP's version of "Drive-thru"...more like just a "Park 'n Wait". Service deluxe, indeed. Gotta love the Philippines, still. ;)

Another favourite guard of mine...

On a serious note though, to all my friends...Don't stop shopping, don't stop clubbing, don't stop partying, don't stop screwing around (if it really makes you happy)...just don't forget how lucky you are, how lucky we all are, compared to most people, regardless of how fucked up our existing lives seem/are. There really are a lot of others out there who are experiencing worse. Queen Rania of Jordan was right, "give a girl an education, and you give her a future".

I'm not saying you channel your inner Mother Teresa...or Princess Di (although I know you'd just love to, CC). Just do/give what you can. I don't even go to all these charities. I just give back, to the right people, of course. God knows the Philippines is too economically-challenged nowadays, even the people running the chariy orgs are stealing from their own foundations!!

Tsk tsk tsk...

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I have a thing for wristwatches...not because theyr'e important --especially nowadays, wherein the whole world seems to be chasing after old Father Time non-stop (and can't even catch up to the old man), but because they're pretty.

Seriously though, I like, and not like knowing the time...it doesn't make sense, and yet it does. Ahhh...but since I am a twat, so you should all understand. :)

I love wristwatches/watches/clocks. I don't particularly like the creepy ones (ok, maybe some), but I like them in general. Unfortunately, I don't have an extensive...not even decent collection to show off. Damn my pride on parental support!!!
I could talk or write non-stop about my (sic) love (or obsession, whichever sounds better) for watches, but I didn't want to call my blog some stupid name like "Watchgirl". Yeah, surrre...like "Twilly the Twat Trotter" is actually classy and sophisticated...and not stupid. Tsk tsk tsk...

A friend of mine emailed me a month ago about Toywatch...

Photo credits: NeimanMarcus.com

"Made in Italy with a stainless-steel bezel, mother-of-pearl faces, Citizen movement, and a hefty-but-lightweight clear-acrylic band which can make you look like you're only wearing the face - not a whole watch!..." they even have it in chronograph...wow, I'm so surprised.

Apparently, it's big in Europe, and now the US --so what else is new? ;)

I honestly wasn't really taken by the whole "new look" of it at first. Didn't the Casio Baby-G phenomenonal trend take an ugly crash in the end? But I guess all trends do...so what makes this so different, right? :) But this thing really has been starting to grow on me lately. The fact that I'm actually taking my precious (?!) time to blog about it now, says a lot about my interest.

--that, or I just can't think of anything better to do, much less write about.*teehee*

Bah...for a reasonable (not to mention RARE, nowadays) price range of $150 to $300, I think it's worth a try. C'mon, it's a much-talked-about watch, featured in all of those glitzy magazines and posh websites, for only $150 (of course I'm buying the cheapest one!) --roughly around PhP 7,000+ (currency converter not working right now)...I AM SOLD!

Nevermind style, trend, cult-status, and all that jazz..I'm buying this damn thing because it's the cheapest "in" thing I've seen in long long longggggg time!!! Fuck freetrade and the modern commerce, I want cheap gas and good quality things for less than the usual cha ching $$$1,000+ range!!! I currently live in the third world, wherein that's converted to roughly around PhP 51,000 --which is more than the average blue-collared Pedro's annual income! You guys noticed how nothing decent is ever under less than a thousand bucks nowadays? Think: designer handbags...CC, you bitch...dragging me into your frolicky world of frills and froufrou Chanel! I'm starting to get hooked...and it's not even funny. :-P

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I have lost my touch!!!

What is wrong with me??!!
Ahhh...but if I knew the answer to that, or anybody else for that matter, we all wouldn't be the forever-confused, overly-depressed dumbasses that we are, now would we? ;)
Some are blessed with great personality, and a charmed life...as for the rest of us, we make up for our loss with imagination, pretention, lies...and in the end, regret. Ahihi.
Seriously, I think I just might have lost my touch. Puta...that Negros trip has sooo made me into a softie. I am sure of it now. The minute I got back, everything seemed different. I've become...relaxed. Too relaxed, even. And I am just not comfortable with that. Yes, I know, I'm crazy. Why wouldn't I like being relaxed, as opposed to my usual always-haggard and screaming look, right? Stupid Twat...tsk tsk tsk!
I should just edit the caption above and change "The adventures..." to just *phtoooooooot....*, *pffffttt...*, or just a quick whistle...
I just hope this'll all come to pass. I don't like being this...this...blank. I'm used to being physically still...I wouldn't have it any other way, actually. But my mind is completely...dry. Ok, maybe not totally empty. Damn, I never thought I'd actually say this, but Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton really makes me feel sooo good about myself. :)
See, you just know something's wrong with you when you start comparing yourself to celebrities you usually don't give a fuck about...or worse, you find yourself actually caring about them.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Paul Smith sneaker regrets

As jaded, depressed, bitchy...er, cynical, and all out confused, as I have become...

Deep inside, I'm still that selfish, borderline obsessive, over-zealous materialistic bitch of yore. I become happy at the sight...and more importantly, the feel, of a certain object of desire, knowing that I just may (...or may not, which happens more so than the former) actually acquire it. Oh come on...don't you? ;)

But I've been putting aside my materialism for approximately two-three years now, due to certain...well, uncomfortable changes in my life. After years of insisting (which started when I was around 8 years old, as i recall), I finally got my "independence"...but that's WHOLE different post. I don't even want to start griping on that issue.

The real issue here was just caused by an accidental channeling of my spoiledlittlegirl mode earlier today.
I found out that the pair of Paul Smiths I've been wanting for sooo long, have already been sold out...guess when? For sooo long! Haha. I don't have a choice but laugh, sorry. I'd like to say, "it's not even funny", but what else is there to do?

Paul Smith Wilson Embroidered Sneaker

Photo credit: eluxury.com


To be honest, yes, I did love that pair. I still do. But the fact that I forgot all about it for almost a year says a lot about my dedication to it...then. :)

But I got pissed, because when I actually did remember them, I got all excited and shit. I searched online only to find out that they've been old news since the last time I paid my waxer a visit.*ok...oversharing*

I found their "latest collection" and saw these instead...

Paul Smith Cross between Larry the Cable Guy and Carson Kressley of Queer Eye
Click on photo to go to source...
Oh come on! It doesn't take a faggot or a stylist or some "Fashion God" to know which one's prettier! I'm no expert, but isn't a "new" collection supposed to be better than the previous one? Isn't that the reason why we're no longer as hairy, and are more vocally coherent than our grandparents...I mean...ancestors, the apes? Has Charles Darwin taught us anything??

--And yes, there is a great possibility that I just may be turning to a faggot for buying from the Paul Smith MEN's collection for the past three years. :) What...They have great stuff!! :-P

As shallow as this may seem to you all, but I really was...still am, really...crushed. I mean, I didn't even hesitate to buy online for that Wilson pair. And I am NOT a fan of sharing personal...especially credit information online. Hell, I even have a hard time doing that in real life, how much more to a virtual shop???

Monday, August 07, 2006


Back in Cebu...

As horrid as that trip was, it was a bit...life-changing. I have finally decided that I need to get my shit together with this whole independence thing...

I need to find a job, find good money, save up enough money, and buy a 3-bedroom house two weeks from now.

Ok, make that three weeks...a MONTH, even. I have to be realisitc.


Horrid, horrid trip...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jessica Soho + Jackie Chan Java

I was just watching a local public affairs show earlier..."Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho". Among all of those news reporters/broadcasters/TV journalists/whateveryoucall'ems, I really like her the best. I'm not going to say anything embellished like "she's a great journalist", or "she has depth and sincerity and dedication to her work"...she has a Peabody award (among other a gazillion journalism awards)...yeah yeah, sure sure...I'm not saying she doesn't have that. She does. Exclamation point.

But what I REALLY like the best about her is the fact that she is FAT --obese, even. (Hola sistah!)

And after all the exposure she's had through the years (apparently she's been on TV before I was even born)...and after all that money she's probably earned/earning (I don't know, she does have her own weekly show on a major network. Not to mention she's friggin' VP of the network's News and Public Affairs department *see? i know my research people!*...she must be worth at least something!), she never even considered liposuction. Especially considering that she is a major TV personality, and that her world, her line work is completely saturated with vanity, superficiality, shallowness...and hell, PRESENTATION!
My favorite quip of hers on being a "celebrity":
"Television is a peculiar medium. We’re supposed to be journalists, but we come out on the same screen as Sharon Cuneta and Ethel Booba. Whether we like it or not, we’ve evolved into celebrities."--Jessica Soho

She couldn't have said it any better...
Tonight, I raise my really badly-done cocktail to you Miss Jessica Soho! YOU ROCK!
(I can't believe I just said, "YOU ROCK"...which only goes to show how much I admire you. :-P)
Back to the show...

She had a brief interview with Jackie Chan at his press conference yesterday at the Mandarin Hotel (oooo...I'm shocked! Haha *bitch*) in Makati. Apparently, our little Kung-fu boy has yet again, delved into another line of business to add to his growing list of present businesses. Clothing line, shoes, wristwatches, green tea, water...he even has his own car. And I mean his own car. Like a "Jackie Chan Car" or something like that. I dunno...he said so! And now, he even has his own coffee franchise, named...what else? Jackie Chan Java (again, *shocked*)!
Ahhh...what doors showbusiness can open, huh? ;)

One can only imagine what he'd be selling next...maybe sea water? Jackie Chan SeaWater?

The Ad could look like a movieshoot with Jackie Chan Kung-fu-ing some bigass Eurotrash-of-a-martial-artist on a pristine white-sand beach in Bora Bora and then the director yells, "CUT!".
They're all thirsty.
The karate extras asks for a drink...
extras: "What? The trailer with all the food and water fell of the cliff and onto the ocean??!!"
They all hear the sound of the waves...
They dive into the sea...and laps on the foamy waves to "quench" their karate-kicking bodies.
But NOooo...it can't be! --especially since they all know they secretly pooed and peed there the night before after getting all drunk...
A bright light appears on the horizon...
an extra screams: "It's Jackie!"
Jackie Chan (in all-white) is the bright light in the middle of the sea (like Jesus walking)...slowly floating towards them with his hands cupped (as if he's offering to the world) to a bottle of...

Jackie Chan Sea Water
"come taste the glorious salinity of the sea..."
*with just the right amount of saline to give you that extra kick!*
Everyone cheers!!!
*Government Warning: We tolerate smoking, don't we? Why the hell not this?
I swear, Jackie Chan's slowly turning into "The Donald" Trump. Trump Ice Cream, Trump Tower, Trump Ice, Trump EVERYTHING! The two of them should just get together (alongside Oprah and Michael Jordan) and buy a mountain or something and carve out their faces side-by-side. Or they each buy their own mountain. Afterall, they probably can afford it. Well, maybe just Donald. :)
In the end, it all boils down to jealousy. I am jealous of them--all of them, because I can't afford shit. :) And I really do secretly (well, after this...not anymore) admire them for all their GREAT charity work.
Afterall, it's still THEM who's really making money out of all this...and I'm stuck here with nothing to do but blog about them and add even more publicity to their enterprise, like they really need any. The only thing that comforts me now is the fact that no matter how many things they put their names on...Rudy Giulliani is the only one who has his own "Giulliani Dildo". Haha. It's true...I saw it on TV. :-P

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fuck China-made batteries!

I know I said I'd be on blog hiatus 12 hours ago...but I am pissed, and I don't know what else to do. I'm in some hotel using their internet services, and I am pissed. Public internet services are great, but I'm just not comfortable typing away my worries on some corduroy couch and goo on the floor. 3-star hotel my ass!!!
So it's my dad's birthday today. Well, technically, on Philippine time, it was yesterday, but he's somewhere West, so it's August 3 there. He called, and the battery on my mobile died on me in the middle of our almost-sentimental chitchat. And I fucking fully-charged it and used my other phone just so not a single drop of energy would be used up on that phone! Puta!
I have communication issues with my dad. Growing up, I've always thought he was just some friend of the family. No, my parents aren't divorced/annulled/separated. Ok, technically, they are separated...since they've never lived under the same roof since they were married. It's complicated. Fuck the details on WHY and HOW.
So those bi-monthly or quarterly phonecalls really mean a lot to me...eventhough I'm quite good at hiding my emotions. It's has been a great training module for acting. I sound like it's nothing, and so does he. It's always been like that, and I'm totally cool with it. I just DO NOT LIKE FUCKING MADE-IN-CHINA BATTERIES!
I bought that fucking battery when I was desperate for extra batteries at some other trip, and I've been using it for like 3 months now. It was working perfectly fine then, but nooooooooooo...it just had to act up on my dad's birthday. on the ONE birthday that he decides to contact me.
I think he felt that I hung up on him. He knows me well enough to know I never leave the house --much less go on some trip, without a fully-charged mobile phone and camera. Good thing he sent me an SMS first before calling, because I got his mobile number. So I changed the SIM card to my actual phone (the one that died was my "extra" phone which I carry around just for his calls) and called him back, and he already turned his phone off...
My day is fucked, and it's still 1:24PM. And it started to look bleak as early as 4:15AM when I didn't want to get out of bed.
Note to self: Never again buy poorly-packaged, strangely-light, wrongfully-stamped, Made in China batteries EVER again.
Edit: Ok, maybe I still will, but I'll never use it on my "JustforDaddy'scallsSIMcard".

Three-week hiatus

I'm leaving in 5 hours to ____ for three weeks, and I still haven't packed. :) You all know how responsible I am. ;) Besides, give me a break, I'm a fuss-free packer. If I could jump on a plane with just my wallet and keys, I would. I hate packing. My dad calls me "the feather-packer" because of the known fact I'm too lazy to even pack essentials (i.e. toothbrush, underwear, blah). Surrrrreeee Dad, like I didn't get that from you? *wink wink*
Enough packing talk, pakingshit. Hihihi. Besides, where I'm going, I wouldn't need nice clothes or shoes. Hell, where I'm going I could probably just wear the same clothes and not wash my hair until the day I come back home. *shudder* Okkkk...that's nasty, I can't do that. I'm no BB...or CP!! Haha.
So with that said people, I will be on blogging hiatus for probably three weeks for what I could only wish to be a "vacation", so don't go sending me emails of "oooooohhh"s and "ahhhhhh"s on how YOU wished you were in MY soon-to-be-filled-with-shit-and-mud shoes (you know who you are :) ). It's barely even a "trip", come to think of it. And why I am going, is beyond me...especially since I was the one who planned and decided to go in the first place. Fuck. Me and my great decisions.
But DO email me still, and send me those photos of endless partying and luxe living, because I'll be needing all the love I could get in the hellhole I'll be going to... CAMWHORE, PEOPLE, CAMWHORE!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Just when I thought BB has "mellowed down", and has finally "grown up"...He just had to post this...



I have to give him credit for his guts to post something like that.

Change of schedule

I talked to CC and BB earlier, and I told them about my supposed travel plans. The two dingbats wanted in, so what else is a friend to do? I told them I'd wait for them and postpone all my travel plans until September. Nothing fancy, just within the country. I miss Manila...but I can only survive in Metro Manille for like a week or so. That's it. I've already been so used to good ol' laid-back Cebu, that I don't think I can stand smog and noise that's more than the usual rustle in Mango Avenue during rush hour. :) Oh God...am I really getting old? :)
CC wants to go to Hong Kong in September...I didn't have the heart to tell her the Hong Kong Shopping Festival is only until August 31. :) It'll crush her...especially since she loathes traveling, and would only do so to shop...not to see the sights. She's not the type to wait...even for boarding a plane. And she's quite impossible to deal with especially if she knows she's holding a first/business-class ticket. The girl would die if she traveled coach...not unless she's paying for it, and not her dear old Pops. Hahaha. She'd swim all the way to HK if she could, just to save on the airfare and spend the money saved on additional shopping, fancy desserts, and bellhop tips. She's a great tipper. So HK bellhops out there...watch out for Miss CC! ...especially if you're "cute". Haha.

BB also has her back on the HK trip. He loves gorging on HK streetfood and haggling nightmarket vendors. Not to mention going around town flirting with Japanese and Korean tourists. That boy can be friendly to anyone (...or anything, for that matter) that has a punana. Bwahaha. Place a skirt on a chair, and give him unlimited supply of alcohol (preferably vodka)and he'll probably screw the damn thing. Haha.
Oh God...if ever this trip really does push through, it is going to be one hell of a fun-filled headache for me with those two around! :) Oh well, it's all going to be worth it. Afterall, traveling ALONE is the pits. There's nobody to take your photos (so you can brag brag brag when you get home), nobody to ask suggestions on whether that loud pair of gold snakeskin boots (eventhough you know you're never going to use it), nobody to act like fools with at some hip club-of-the-moment, there's nobody to help you carry your luggage *wink wink to BB*, nobody to flirt with the concierge or the maître d' to give you priority seats or tables at a hot restaurant *wink wink to CC*...the trip would be too damn boring, you were better off staying home and watching summer reruns on HBO, and spare yourself all that credit card debt! :)
I'm hungry.
The maids are watching some daytime soap, and it's upsetting me. :) I WANT FOOD, DAMMIT!