Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Piggyback ride

I woke this morning thinking it was going to be another one of those boorrring days of just running errands. And it was. But...with a twist. ;) Ha.

I nearly had a car accident just taking this photo, so you better appreciate my efforts! :P

Ok, don't (appreciate the photo *teehee*). And don't take photos while driving. Texting, talking, eating, drinking, snorting coke, smoking weed, etc. is ok...just don't take photos. Because I didn't do any of those. So if ever you do, and get into a car accident, you can't blame me shit. ;)Or if you'll already be too dead to tell on me, and someone else tells your mother/father/grandparents/whatever...I don't want them blaming me for your sorry mishap. Besides, I'd rather deal with you in the flesh. You'll be either be too weak or too dead to fight back anyway. Mourning family members are such a pain to deal with. You, I might be able to smack, but not your grandmother. I'm not that big of a bitch! ;)

I swear, whoever invented cameraphones is a god to me. Had I used my real camera, I would've crashed...and there weren't even any other cars on the road. Just me and the pig hitching on a Multicab. With my amaaaazing driving skills, I could've actually gotten myself killed.

I risked my life to share this photo. The things people do for the sake of their blogs when there's nothing else better to write about in their pathetic lives...sigh.


Anybody up for a piggyback ride? ;)

Note to self: Print out this photo and carry it with you 24/7. Hopefully, it'll curb any kind of urge to eat...if you get hospitalized, it's ok. There's always dextrose. You'll live. And by the time you get out of the hospital, you'll be thin...enough. Ha!

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