Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NO MORE SLUMS exclamation point!

Gawad Kalinga (GK) , translated in English means “to give care,” and it is
an alternative solution to the blatant problem of poverty not just in the
Philippines but the world. Its approach is integrated, holistic and sustainable
– a concrete action plan to rebuild this nation by harnessing the best of the
Filipino – our faith and our patriotism.

The transformation is astounding. Slums are disappearing. Rich and poor,
Muslims and Christians, government and the private sector are building
communities together. The poor are re-discovering their dreams, and are being
empowered to build a better future for their families. The stories of how not
only the poor but also the donors have been transformed continue to grow.

Gawad Kalinga’s achievements are a reflection of the sharing among different
classes in society, and the partnership involving all sectors of society –
bridging the gaps that divide us as a people. We are also building International
Villages, showing that poverty can be addressed if rich and poor nations learn
to share resources to create a better world for all.

I usually don't care. And I'm not saying I already have. But I am working on it. I'm also not being hypocritical when I say that I truly care about this issue, and that I believe in this organization.

Nobody deserves to live in shanties, and give up education for livelihood way before even hitting puberty.

I still believe that the poor should work their way up, and not expect the world to save their asses and believe people with money with money should be obligated to give just because they're oh-so-poor. Because that's just stupid...and useless.

But if you have the means to just help them get started on getting a life...then it's worth it.

It's never about giving up your lifestyle and sign up to feed the dying HIV children in Africa and wear khaki shorts forever. It's not about giving up shopping for that overpriced designer item you've long saved up for. It's not about staying in on a borrriinngg Saturday night just because of them.

It's not about obligation, it's about choice. It's not so bad to give back. We already have too much junk anyway. How much shoes can you wear in a lifetime anyway, right? ;)

If a twat like me could much more YOU?

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