Friday, September 08, 2006


I haven't been this excited about a movie since Ice Age 2. Errr...shut up.

As a kid, I've always adored George Reeves, even though the only time I've ever watched the man perform was on the Superman television series...on Betamax. :) I didn't know what became of him after that. But then again, we didn't have Perez Hilton then, did we? :) I didn't even know he had died long before I was even born. Ahh...those days wherein movie stars were just that. Movie stars. Come to think of it, I still thought he was alive and well up until this article from the New York Times!

I'm just as enthused about this movie as the rest of the fashionable lot is crazy about "The Devil Wears Prada". The reviews so far, has been positive. They even hinted on the probability of Afleck winning an Oscar. I could care less about awards, really. I just want to watch the damn movie.

Besides, any reason to see Ben Afleck get fat..ter to wear spandex and a cape. Daredevil had nothing on (literally) old Superman! Haha.

...and I've always been drawn to Adrian Brody for some reason since "The Pianist" thinspiration.

*giggle* I said "pianist". ;) Dude, I am such a retard! :)

Sic, sic twat...

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