Friday, September 22, 2006, make that newZzz....*SNORE*

On my last post, I said my access was back to crap-normal.'s a a newspaper clip that I crumpled up, and nearly-spat on before deciding to scan, and publish it here.

I wonder if any of these girls actually are on Globe...Hello, they're texting. Hmmm...or maybe they're just playing Snake?

Probably the latter.

Apparently, it's not just their internet that's fucked. It's their entire communications network. Hip hip...? HURRAY!!!


And the nerve of them calling me...and everyone else, over and over again asking for my late payment. Four fucking days overdue, you Globelines retards!

Errr...wait, I should just pay my bills. But the crappy (not to mention...rude) service is just not helping my good-client-need-to-pay-ontime mood.

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