Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lusting for remote controls? Sheesh...

Dream houses and cars, of course. Jewelry, yes. Shoes and wristwatches, maybe. Everything else you and I are currently lusting for are albeit "normal". But alas, I am a twat, and at the top of my material wish list as of two and a half hours ago are three remote controls that I just have to get.

My great lack of intelligence and even worse E.Q. compensates in a way by producing massive amounts of "brain chemicals" (duhhhh) that releases this crazy, spoiled, and hungry NEED to have the things that I...well, think I need.

All from HAANSPREE!! I lovvee Hannspree!! I actually cried when my dogs broke my HS 10" LCD TV. Which is why I'm only posting these remote controls. Aside of course from the fact that these are way cheaper than the TVs, and I can actually still afford them, despite my current financial crisis. :D

You think I should shell off $400 on another LCD TV? Because I'm seriously considering it. Christ, why was I not breastfed as a child?! Maybe if I were, I wouldn't be this materially neurotic.

Wait, I think I still would be.

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